Mazda 3 2004 – Break/Stop Light Switch Replacement (DIY Garage)

Mazda 3 2004 – Break/Stop Light Switch Replacement (DIY Garage)

I Have a 2004 Mazda 3 and my Stop/Break Light stopped working

i diagnosed it by my self, started checking the bulbs and fuse, but that was not the problem, next on the list was Break/Stop light switch that was the problem

this part was not in stock at my local auto parts store, i placed the order and it arrived the next day- cost me less than $20
Link – (

replacement was easy

– you can locate the switch on the top area of the break pedal assembly – mine was blue with gray and a white connector
– to remove just turn it clockwise and it should pop out if not pull a little
– disconnect the connector (mine was white)
– connect new switch to white connector
– to install turn it Counter clockwise

and you are done!

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devlined says:

thanks! it saves me hundreds of dollars

mtdewramen says:

Having issues with the white clip, does it have pins you have to push in?

Edwin says:

well i change but nothing happens i need help i hit a big pothole yesterday n went i go home the horn star n dont stop after that i was unavailable to change gear to drive

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