How to Replace Front Wheel Bearing 2009-13 Mazda 3

How to Replace Front Wheel Bearing 2009-13 Mazda 3

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Worn bearings can create lots of annoying noise, and wear out tires unevenly. Watch this video to learn how to install a new bearing and hub in your 2008-13 Mazda 3.

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98camaro28 says:

Just gave that like button a loving bonk. Great video.

Toxic says:

Great video! Thank you!
Quick question – how many tons is the press. I tried with 6 ton press and couldn't get the bearing nor the hub out.

Artūras Žilakauskas says:

I have a question, can you use the old hub and replace just bearring? Thank you

Kwon Orange says:

You guys don’t get enough credit. I buy a lot of Mazda parts from you guys and you guys are amazing. Videos are definitely the best too

B D says:

Thanks for the video, loving bonks cures everything 🙂

Tom Higgins says:

Wow. This is quite the job. Of course I had the castle-nut spin with the stud in the tie rod ends. Such a pain in the ass.

roger joseph says:

i guess you really do need a press to do this job. I was hoping to be able to hammer old one out ?

Gordon * says:

Well done !! Thank you for sharing … 🙂

Joe Smith says:

Best video on youtube for replacing wheel bearings.Should have many more views !. Thanks for laying out every detail for doing this job, especially the the press work.Thanks again !!

Benjamin Lagace says:

I appreciate that you are using the old bearing instead of a fancy press with proper adapters. Not everyone has the right tool available!

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