How To – Replace Door Lock Actuator – Mazda Protege

How To – Replace Door Lock Actuator – Mazda Protege

In this video we replace the door lock actuator. As my Mazda ages, more things will need fixed. It’s an easy task. The hardest part is getting the screws started to put the new mechanism back in place.

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Gabriel H says:

Just replaced mine this definitely helped.

James Murray says:

Dang you skipped over the hardest step for me, screwing it back on. Any way to make this easier? As soon as I get the actuator in place, I try screwing it and it slips out and I have to start all over.

100% Calvin says:

Just bought an extremely clean '02 Protege 5 yesterday and the only thing that wasn't working was the power lock so this really helped when it came to buying a new door actuator. I'm gonna follow this vid when it comes in. Thanks for posting this guide!

TesN Rad says:

I have a 2002 P5 and i totally disagree with whoever said its more expensive to own an older car. Parts are cheap and there hasnt been an issue yet that i didnt DIY . These cars are super easy to work on and reliable . Love the video and the car bro! Thanks for the info

Tawi Dave says:

YouTube won't play your video for some reason. Just plays half of your intro, then buffers.

Mr. Benn says:

what year is the Mazda and where can you get the actuator?

Jose Rivera says:

Anyone's knows this parts number, thanks

Stonebrook Tax & Books says:

You are the MAN! Thanks so much. I purchased a pre-owned 2008 Honda CRV from a dealership. This actuator had gone out with the previous owner. I did not know at the time of purchase that it was broken (of course slimy dealership sale of used cars). I got locked out 2 times at home, so had the other key, and one during a teaching lesson (Driver's Ed) fun! I did have the dummy key made after purchasing, but due to the broken actuator, it would not work. This was driving pun, me and my students crazy, changing students every hour!!!! Then 4 months later I looked online to buy one and DIY it, and found out there had been a recall due to a Class-Action lawsuit against Honda for 2007-8-9 year CRV all the actuators were going out – people were mad! So I got it fixed for free! Yeah thank you GOD!!! and you are correct, it would have cost $300-$400 at the dealership! Now I need to do the passenger side because that was not recalled but it's broken!

Nabeel Ghuzlaan says:

I have the same exact noise and failure on my 02P driver door lock. The others respond to the keyless fub and the driver door switch. It has to be the actuator. Thank you so much.

Andre Deuner says:

Great stuff mate. Mine isn't doing that weird noise as when you first shown the issue but I believe it's the actuator as well. I'll try it anyways, cheer.

Jamie K says:

Hoping you can help? I have the same car & my locks still work when locking & unlocking the doors with the remote, EXCEPT the drivers door lock doesn’t unlock all the way. So I can open the door just a little, but then the door catches. I then have to manually pull up the lock just a little to be able to open the door all the way. It’s the same getting in. I hit the unlock button, the lock pops up, but not enough. So I have to use the key and hold the key all the way to the left while pulling up on the outside door handle to open the door. Any ideas??? Thanks!

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