How To Install Short Throw Shifter | Mazda Mods

How To Install Short Throw Shifter | Mazda Mods

Today we install the eBay short throw shifter in the first generation Mazda 3. Super easy install and would recommend for a first install for anyone with a manual vehicle!

Short Throw:

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jack parsons says:

Just put this in. Feels sooo much better thanks for the vid it helped a lot!! Keep me coming!

A Life Behind Bars says:

Did notice your shifter sits to one side?

carshatter says:

wow these fords are junk. says ford on the dipstick. not like the mazda speeds. this may be the worst shifter box i seen come in a car. just get a honda

Larry Umana says:

did you use grease or lube?

Damon INC says:


shibby dibby says:

Dudesk7 this is your Mom. You're grounded for a whole week because of your potty mouth mister

inhabitant says:

Where did you use that hardware that came along with the short throw?

jack parsons says:

What’s the threading size on it?

Jonathan Bryant says:

Any problems with it since it's an eBay type deal lol

Kevin Kelly says:

Literally just found your channel and everything I want to do to my Mazda is what you cover thanks man for the great vids!

Ronald Chu says:

love your mazda mods and updates, keep them coming!

Exploring With Danielle says:

Love these Mazda mods, subscribed 😉

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