Buying a Mazda? Watch This First

Buying a Mazda? Watch This First

Buying a Mazda? Watch This First, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Mazda car review. Is Mazda reliable? Are Mazda cars any good? Is Mazda worth it? Should I Buy a Mazda? The truth about Mazda. Mazda reliability and how much you should pay for one. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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gardnerrosseto says:

I bought a brand new Mazda mx3 back in 1992 and drove it until 2010 , without any problems , I just changed oil every 3k , brakes a couple of times and clutch ones. I drove 250k . I now drive a 2010 Mazda 3 and thus far no problem.

Sean Willing says:

Hey Scotty my father has a 2017 Mazda 6 2.5 Liter 6 Speed Automatic with 32,000 miles. What can he do to make it last as long as possible

HASAN __GTS says:


Wilfredo Ayala says:

Bought a 2019 soul red AWD premium mazda3 hatch two weeks ago and the dealership gave me an incredible warranty of 10 years/100,000 miles. Also it rides like a dream.

Gerardo R Castellanos says:

Infiniti automobiles can turn into money pits at 40,000 miles! Resale value,forget about it. If you’re stuck on Nissan,buy an Altima.

Traditionalist says:

Should I buy a new Kia minivan? Hard to beat that 100k powertrain warranty it seems

ExPsy says:

Notice how rotary mazdas aren't even mentioned. THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT.

Brian P says:

Mazda used to have weak manual transmissions. At least in the 90s.

Wayne Desforges says:

Hey scotty been watching a long time now love your channel…I got a 2011 mazda3 sport with a 6spd manual…been having trans problems and cant diagnose what the problem is…while in neutral if I let off the clutch it jerks and feels like its engaging a gear…its sometimes hard to put into first but shifts into all other gears fine…it shifts into reverse fine but when I let off the clutch it jerks and grabs somewhat…could this just be my clutch is gone or can their be a bigger problem synchro or throw out bearing? Any tips would help man…also what is that part called with the counter weight on it…goes up n down, side to side is it a selector fork or input

Defendeath Nuells says:

hey Scottie my 2001 Lincoln ls with overheating problems , changed water pump , fans work great what could be wrong ? Does anyone know what it could be

maarten yzer says:

haha batman has an oil change man in his cave..

Vietkong Fire says:

My 2001 sienna has the disc in front and drum in the rear.. And it works perfectly fine. The drum last longer.

She put the lime in the coconut says:

Scotty, you need to get your facts straight before bashing Mazda. I don’t give two flying flips what your one or two customers had happened to them. I would be very surprised if Mazda’s automatic transmission failure rate after 2001 was greater than 0.2%. I’ve worked at busy Mazda dealers for 10 years. I bet we repair or replace an automatic transmission once every 2 months.

Jonathon Petersen says:

They may have weak automatic transmissions but you have to admire their take on CVT's. They say they don't believe in using CVT's or downsizing petrol turbo engines, such as Fiat, and Dodge/Chrysler.

Ryan Christensen says:

Gotta any vids on rotarys? Love me the rx7

Tigran Gemdzhyan says:

elton john became a mechanic

Tigran Gemdzhyan says:

mazda or subaru

Craig Freeman says:

Doing a drum to disc brake conversion when the drums are worn out is a great mod, I did it to my 1997 Chevy and now have better peddle firmness and feel when stopping. If drum brakes are so good, they would still be on the front of street cars. For better balance, less unsprung weight, and easier maintenance, disc brakes rule.

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