Lotus Supercharger Upgrade (with dyno power run and suspension)

Lotus Supercharger Upgrade (with dyno power run and suspension)

The LOTUS gets a serious power upgrade with a new Harrop Supercharger and dyno tune. Then we uncover the mystery of why it handled so badly on the track and get it fixed!

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Mighty Car Mods says:

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Chris Coleiro says:

3:30 why is there a BMW Haynes manual??

Antonin Lee says:

Did anyone notice they did not put the HKS filter back in??

Kamil says:

How the hell did the car's geometry got all messed up in the first place? That's widowmaker level dangerous even on normal roads. How did the previous driver survive his own midship deathtrap?

Ojohnathan Smith says:

What’s the total cost for supercharging and can the engine handle it

JKonTONS says:

Who’s ecu is that? We are currently working on a turbo lotus and are looking for one. Thanks in advance

Sammy Dendoncker says:

Ngk sparkplugs… the lotus dude looking like he didnt like them

Isaac's boards says:

i wanted u to twin supercharge it

Chriss 144 says:

best you tube channel ever period

Jack Steel says:

Richie reminds me of ken miles

Vasili Lyras says:

Little secret but we had a lotus turbocharged Auris to play with in the Toyota plant in the UK

Brock Radford says:

Would be sweet as to get Snap On on board with you guys 😀

BoS says:

day one of asking for a hyundai excel build

baby yoda partake says:

It's so silly not to check the tires first when you get a second hand car

Josiah Bradley says:

Don't suck your teeth at me

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