Lotus Posture for Beginners | Padmasana | Ashtanga Yoga

Lotus Posture for Beginners | Padmasana | Ashtanga Yoga

Join Joey Miles as he shares some important tips for getting into the lotus posture correctly and safely.


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Film by Nikhil Kripalani



Brandon Granger says:

Damn this guy is smart

Big Jurel Aesthetic says:

Thanks, you don’t waste mi time. If I don’t have that range I will not be able to do it

Jesus Sosa says:

Honestly I’ve been wanted to learn lotus so bad

Michael Sciberras says:

Technical jargon, coming from me and my two minutes of pain

Arturo Flores says:

Hello, my name is Ricardo. I have experience that knee pain your Were mentioning and is stressful because I can’t preform my yoga routines as I would like to. Is there any way to heal that knee paint from exploiting it?.
Thank you so much.

Lizette Segovia says:

im so thankful for this, i finally got into lotus thanks to this tutorial <3

Izabela Wilson says:

OMG, this man has no knees

G. B. says:

now that you are bookmarked I will look at the video every day for a certain time I am "only" 77 years old but with your clever advice I willstill make some progress I am living in Asia full time so it will not be a luxury to be abble to do it

TubokNaey says:

This is awesome! Thank you!

Flawful Practice says:

Ok, now I got where to start.

Phill Graaf says:

Hey, thank you for that video.
I feel like I have enough mobility in my hip but I am lacking m Iltis in my knees somehow.. and my ankles hurt when I put me feet into position because they get pushed so much. Any tips? 🙂

Anish Tiwari says:

irony is when indians trust you more

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