How to Pot Micro Lotus

How to Pot Micro Lotus

Micro Lotus are the smallest lotus grown, often in just 6 inch pots. This video will provide details on how to pot and grow Micro Lotus. Bergen Water Gardens offers the widest selection of Micro Lotus in the USA. www,



Krishna Teja says:

Hey do you ship these tubers to India by any chance ?

Nova Shard says:

I like them , but I have cats . I understand land lilies are TOXIC to cats . Are the water lilies also toxic to cats ?

스팅 says:

에라이 니네는 안되 흙만지는데 고무장갑 끼고 하냐?
무슨 기생충 만지냐 깔끔한척은 코르나 나 잘 해라
쓸데없는데 깨끗한척 하네 ㅋㅋ

Người xin thuốc says:

I'm from Vietnam, let me ask what is the white term for putting in the mud? Thanks

Deepak Singh says:

Do you courier seeds to India?

Isabella Weems says:

under what circumstances would you use this method over the 123 method you all also have a video about? I am wanting to buy the pink makeup #9 lotus from ya'll website and want to know what potting soils I should buy for it

Eddy Jay Ar Sinahon says:

How do you know if you have micro lotus or not? What's the difference?

Shekeal says:

Do you ship to the Netherlands?

Scary Fear says:

I just got my first micro lotus from you a few days ago. I am very happy with it. Been happy with the plants you've sent me. I have watched this video several times now. It's been very helpful. I have my own video up now of how I potted my lotus. would love for you to check it out and comment if you have any tips. I'm a nepenthes grower so water plants are new for me.

Vincent KC says:

Thanks for the great video. I’m having my pot on my apartment balcony. The water is not exposed to rain, how frequently I need to change the water or is there any specific water I need to use?

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