🔧 Rebuilding WRECKED Lotus Exige + replaced the motor then blow up the motor AGAIN! FML

🔧 Rebuilding WRECKED Lotus Exige + replaced the motor then blow up the motor AGAIN! FML

I bought a wrecked 2007 Lotus Exige S with an engine failure sight unseen and proceeded to rebuild it in my friend’s garage. Why did I make such a silly decision? First, I hated the idea of another great Lotus being scraped and totaled. Second, I’ve always wanted to rebuild Exige or Elise as more of a dedicated trackday car. Third, I figured it’d be fun and I’d learn a lot, which I did and it was!

Build thread: https://www.lotustalk.com/threads/bringing-an-exige-s-back-from-the-dead-re-build-thread.408817/#post-5375153

Antonio’s NEW shop: https://cecilsautocare.com/

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albert robinson says:

Couldn't watch, the music was fucking dreadful.

Roland Lawrence says:

supercharger gone? that will be the lack of oil then 😉 things tend to break just after fitting or after 30,000km!

Shimshon Ben Dan says:

Mad props to you. I love seeing videos like this. The only negative I have is the music. It ruined what is an otherwise well done video.

Itz JoJo says:

Here before your channel blows up

ImranTariqTube says:

Reminds me when I broke the cam on my first 2zz…

Ryan Lynch says:

hi can you tell me a little bit how you did the fiberglass repair on the clam?

nightshift says:

Oh man! What a project! Props for taking it on! Ican’t imagine how you must have felt when you heard the engine noise on track. Few questions… 1. Any idea how many hours you and Antonio put into the rebuild? 2. Where did you get the majority of the parts? 3. The front crash structure is bonded to the chassis, correct? How did you remove then rebond that? 4. Do you know if the roll hoop supports were stock? I think the silver color indicates they’re the stronger “T45” Motorsport-oriented metal, but not sure. Thanks for sharing!

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