Replace Rear Hub Bearing On Lincoln

Replace Rear Hub Bearing On Lincoln

Replacing the wheel hub bearings on the rear of a Lincoln with independent rear suspension isn’t that bad. Here we show you how to remove the wheel hub and bearing, press the new bearing, then reassemble the hub. This was my first time to work on this car and it took me about 2 hours to do everything. If I would have known what I was doing it probably would have taken an hour.

To jack the car up and break loose any hard bolts I used the emergency jack kit a few people love to hate. The 12v jack and impact worked great and I didn’t have to pull out the compressor.
Video review of 12v jack kit with impact:
Amazon link for 12v jack kit with impact: Amazon link:

Credit to Mike’s Automotive for pressing the bearing in, really a group of nice people that work at this family-owned business. Check them out, if it has wheels, they can fix it, be sure to mention me when you go!

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Duncan Woolgar says:

Very helpful, many thanks from the other side of the pond. I have a 2000 Jag s type which is almost identical, this will help me replace mine. Cheers.

Thinkin Outsidethebox says:

That's just a Lot of work to possibly save a few bucks. My opinion is buy the assembly with new bearing in it fir $45

Thinkin Outsidethebox says:

Why did you take the whole assembly off? U can get a new hub with bearing for about $45

c chilly says:

Hey Chris I'm replacing wheel bearings on my 2008 Lincoln mkz and I bough the whole hub assembly off of Amazon. Supposedly to fit my vehicle. Well after tearing my whole rear end apart it doesn't fit. I believe I have to have mine pressed too. Am I doing something wrong or do they have to be pressed?

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