How To Remove And Install Spark Plugs On A Lincoln Town Car 4.6L

How To Remove And Install Spark Plugs On A Lincoln Town Car 4.6L

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Banjomute says:

Thanks Hector!

mokiepoet says:

Very helpful thank you!

Ali Jordan says:

Can I treat like a 03 Lincoln

Harold Schulz says:

You need to use only MOTORCRAFT Plugs! Designed FOR the Ford Engine! Everything else will NOT run right!

Slick Rick says:

The back one on the driver side is a bitch, took me a half half hour to get it out I had to run to home depot for the right size tool. No space in that area for rachet !

TheBig77Loco says:

Good vĂ­deo, thanks

jam12588 says:

Before you begin take a blunt object and bust one of your knuckles and you will have that out of the way.

CJ219 _ says:

Great video!


nice video .it helpedme alot .i addedyou.

Untold Stories TV says:

please don't stop making videos. I have a 2001 Lincoln Town Car. And your videos is helping me save money.

SterrShow says:

dont gap pregapped plug , you're risking bending the tip doing that

Anthony kretowicz says:

Great tutorial video, Hector. I have a 98 Town Car, and plan on doing the plugs, and possible the coils this coming summer. Question for you. Is it a good idea to put just a little anti-seize on the plug threads? Or is this not necessary at all? Thanks again for a great video!

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