How to install Lincoln Foot Amptrol Adapter in the POWER MIG 210 MP

How to install Lincoln Foot Amptrol Adapter in the POWER MIG 210 MP

Installing the K4104-1 in the POWER MIG 210 MP (K3963-1), only because I got all the other TIG components with my Square Wave 200 (K5126-1). Double down on red!



Trackhoe075 says:

I am definitely buying a miller 215! Screw this joke of a install! Lincoln should be ashamed for putting customers through this! On the Miller it’s literally a phone jack plug right near wire spool! DONE! This is a friggin joke! Miller rules

Liam McNamara says:

I'm having alot of trouble getting the connector to fully seat. The white plastic rectangular will not fully seat into the connector on the board. anyone else have this problem? of ideas to fix it? maybe one of the pins is bent? I can't believe Lincoln doesn't pre-install this. Its very misleading to sell a tig welder that dosen't have a foot control. I've spent $50 on the parts for this and over an hour trying to install it. At this point I 'm wishing I bought a different welder. Most TIG welders already have this feature installed.

Maik Harris says:

Hi G.N you can see me where you buy this conector please

Alexander Chavez says:

What the fuck? "Yeah it works" duder?

Tyler Newberry says:

Are you aware of any affordable parts to add the tig functionality to the 210, as apposed to buying the kit straight from Lincoln?

Rick Brandt says:

Gas off? Or wrong gas.. Better RTM

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