How to Change MIG Wire on a Lincoln Electric Weld-pak 140 HD

How to Change MIG Wire on a Lincoln Electric Weld-pak 140 HD

How to Change MIG Wire on a Lincoln Electric Weld-pak 140 HD

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In this video I walk you through the steps of changing the wire on your weldpak 140 HD by Lincoln Electric.

I am using Lincoln Electric 0.035″ Flux core wire.

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Klein Bonaire says:

Video should be called how to install wire, what if you have a spool in already, aka… changing a wire spool!

Lynn Mikesell says:

I broke my mig wire off in side of the gun how do get it out?

777dannydan says:

Remove the tip before you feed. I'll wager that you won't hang up again…

Please explain why you have the spool feeding from the top versus the bottom..

William van Gils says:

Just picked up a Lincoln 140, wanna try running a .023 wire, will I need to change my contact tip and tip holder in gun?

Brett Binns says:

Just a detail, but Innershield (flux core) wire was being installed so this was not MIG but instead FCAW wire. No difference in the process, just a little title discrepancy. Good video with some useful tips for me.

Pancho Villa says:

What I do is I glue 2cd with ipoxi and I never got a problem quick tip.

Thrifty Garage says:

That's right; don't let go of the spool or you will hate life!

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