03 Lincoln Navigator upper ball joint replacement

03 Lincoln Navigator upper ball joint replacement

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Francisco Lerma says:

He didn't mention the alignment after. torque specs the car is standing up but willing to bet it doesn't drive straight anymore just saying

Ray Nelson says:

Well I did my navigator today i got a 4×4 the shop wanted 750 plus 265 for part I told my wife know way it took me 2 hours but it's all good I don't have air ride anymore I love my navigator

Johnny Chimpo says:

I just recently bought 2 new upper control arms with the ball joint for $80 and change from Parts Geek for my 2001 Ford Expedition. O'Reilly's wanted the same money for just 4 upper control arm bushings alone.

Michelle salinas says:

What size was your upper control arm 13inch or 15inch? I have a 2004 lincoln navigator.

Bill Sr. says:

Was your Navigator making popping sounds while braking or turning?

Ty Kendrick says:

Would have been nice to state the sizes of the nuts/bolts

c21secco says:

Nice video. Mine is also a 2003 Lincoln Navigator. Quick question at 1:40 in video. I noticed your air ride high sensor Is gone, wires black mask taped, hanging. The air ride high sensor (elevation sensor) which hooks up next to the upper control arm looks removed by your previous owner. The air ride sensor which control the air suspension springs elevation(missing in yours). So Question. Since our vehicle now in springs, and your air ride sensor gone. Does it affect your parking reverse assist in any way? Is your Parking Assist working without it? Meaning not hook up? I though it needs to be hook up? This could be my source in my Parking Reverse Assist not working right. Mine is present and hook up with springs on. Any comment? Thanks

Vince says:

so you cant just buy that new boot and bolt and pound the old one out of the original control arm? you have to buy a whole new control arm assembly?

Darren Arni says:

YouTube has everything. I can't believe I found an 03 Lincoln Navigator (with a spring coil) Upper ball joint replacement. Thanks for taking the time to share this, much respect.

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