⭐ 2002 Lincoln LS – 3.9 – How To Replace The Front Brakes

⭐ 2002 Lincoln LS – 3.9 – How To Replace The Front Brakes

Video on how to replace the front brake pads on a 2002 lincoln ls, with the 3.9 engine



Darnell Kingsman says:

Please keep doing stuff on this kinda car. You're great!!!!

baire702 says:

Wow, great video! Thanks for all the excellent step by step directions! I have a 2002 LS and am looking forward to replacing her front pads. Am going to get Akebono ceramics.

Marvin A.K.A. MightyMarv says:

Im having grinding noise on my right side. With new rotor and pads. Jusy changed them yestrday. Do you think maybe those clips need to be replaced with a new set? The clips that sit on each side of the caliper bracket?

Daytona Florida says:

This guy is terrific.

Pete Saunders says:

Tim its Paul from Connecticut I would to send you something I was wondering if you could send me address our po box u have my cell number call me let me now if u will do that's thanks Paul from Connecticut

NoneMechanic101 says:

Tim, my hyundai Accent need front brakes. Can I send the car to you for you can do the job because it is 5 degrees over here.

Victor Villasana says:

Why s it called MECHANICS WIRE,,,, because I said so dang it! Tim those pads looked descent , is the car owner very adamant?

Dez Blyan says:

awee was hoping for part 19 lol u like to keep us in suspense lol

PonFORDS says:

Bwahahahahahahahaha! You deff a dapper dan MAN!! Silvia gonna haft to be standing guard with a big ol breakerbar to keep the lady’s at bay!!

Chris Thackray says:

It was a large file so may not have come through

Chris Thackray says:

Hi Timmy did you get my e mail ?

SprayWayCustoms says:

Great video…understood each step very well

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