Learn how to replace brake pads on a Lexus- NO SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED

Learn how to replace brake pads on a Lexus- NO SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED

I changed the rear brakes on a 2003 Lexus GS in under 20 minutes. The process is extremely easy and calls for very little tools. All you do is support the car on stands and remove the tire. Then you remove the cotter pin slide and from the caliper, the brake hardware and depress the piston in the caliper. Then you simply remove the old rate pads and replace them with brand-new ceramic brake pads. Once you’re done with changing the pads you always want to bleed your brakes and inspect your rotors. Pork your tire back to specs and fill up your brake reservoir with the proper brake fluid and then go take your car for a test drive.

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Brent Charles says:

Thank-you for sharing this accurate demonstration! I just changed the pads on my SC 430 very easily by watching this video, very much appreciated!

Victor Alvarez says:

Why dont you show how to put on the hardware,(clip)doesnt just lay on top..it will be loose..

Golo1949 says:

I'm in the process of rebuilding all my brakes on a GS300. I haven't got to the rear yet. You make it very clear, thanks.

Mourad Barakat says:

Great video. Very detailed and to the point. Thanks you!

James Murphy says:

Which model Lexus?

sanharib toma says:

Great video man
Keep up the good work it helped me a lot some idiot didn’t put the clips when I checked my car. Thanks

John Ricci says:

I need to replace the drum rotor spring at the top of the drum. Any ideas? It seems impossible to get the stem behind the hole.

jmhellison says:

How and why do you bleed the brakes? My brakes are pretty tight. And Do you need a torque wrench for this?

Also on my es300 my wheel was stuck on, anyway to prevent that on my GS? Thanks

delonzo83 says:

Thank you I definitely need my rotors and brakes done

Soup Prath says:

Thank you for the video I watched a few and yours the best one. Easy and simple show and tell. Was easy to remember and do

shersinghusa says:

Nice video and explanation

flowerdemon says:

how about using a plier?

Anderson A. says:

Make a video to bleed the brakes. Idk how or what that is

Sean Lloyd DaFishy says:

What about the brake shim would it matter if they on there or not..you think that’s what’s causing the clicking noise ????

Sean Lloyd DaFishy says:

I have a 2003 GS430 lexus I replace the rear brake pads and now when I drive it and step on the brakes it’s making CLICKING NOISE also I change all the spring hardware .. and still making that clicking noise..the only thing I didn’t do was bleed the brakes do u think that got something to do with that clicking noise?

Alain Prchal says:

Nice video. Is there a vibration plate I need to transfer to the rear pads? I know the front pads use the old plates

broomsterm says:

Nice to know you can do it with so few tools, but two extra bolts to remove the caliper is not a big deal and will save you time, I believe. Also, you do not need to bleed the caliper during a brake pad replacement.

Triippy says:

Aye man I got the same car and I'm just tryna clean up the hardware while I'm doing this hopefully I can just use it again

seaphd says:

V nice camera work especially considering it's one handed.

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