Install Lexus V3 Needle Boards | DIY Fix & Upgrade Instrument Cluster Gauge Needle LED Lights | TAE

Install Lexus V3 Needle Boards | DIY Fix & Upgrade Instrument Cluster Gauge Needle LED Lights | TAE

Installation procedure for TAE V3 needle boards to repair the burnt-out needles lights in your Lexus instrument cluster. We’ll show you how to properly take the gauge needles off of your instrument cluster and repair the dim or blacked out needle lights.

Our DIY gauge needles are available for Lexus instrument clusters in SC300, SC400, ES300, and GS300 models ranging between 1992-1997. When purchased on our site, you can also choose to add a backlighting kit for a complete LED upgrade.

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Jor-El says:

I recently changed the LEDs in speedometer and tachometer for my 06 Lexus is350. But my speedometer needle only moves on startup, it doesn't move while driving. Would you know how to fix this?

grabir01 says:

Hi Tanin. I just did my SC400 with not much joy. Before install, only the Tac and Temp worked. I installed all 4 needles and now only the Tac and Speedo work.. Sort of.. Only around 1/4 inch of length is illuminated and the short needles Temp and fuel have nothing. All were tested with a 9v battery before install and tested good. Car is a 1992 SC400. Did I order the wrong LEDS? oh nooo….I did a 93 SC300 and it worked great. I would think the 92 SC400 is the same as the 93 SC300.. or? Help!!

Soy Eldiego says:

Just picked up a 1992 Lexus ES300 that has the LED needles along with the cluster lights burnt out and HVAC lights. Watching your video gave the confidence to tackle the project myself. Will be ordering your repair kit soon. Thank you for your very informative video.

grabir01 says:

Ok.. Just finished my install SC300. I only did my Temp and Fuel. Tach and Speedo ok. Did not remove my cluster from the car as I could only get one plug out the other 2 were so tough I was afraid I would break the cluster . So.. I simply pulled it out far enough and removed the bezel and needles from there. Turns out to be a good way to do it as once you get your new needles installed, they will need test an calibration before you put the glass or bezel back on. I followed his instructions for removal and install of led strip to needle. Tested with a 9V battery. I knew where the fuel gauge needle needed to be. Pushed it back on. Turned on key, it lit up well. Yea!! Not the same as factory as you can see the segments and its brighter which is a benefit. Over all happy though. Started the car and waited for 20 mins or so as I know my Temp is just under half. Once car was warmed up, I pushed on the Temp needle. It too lit up. Yea!!! Noticed my fuel needle was going up and up and up slowly. Removed it. Added another hit of hot glue for more weight. For my sc300, it needed a full length of hot glue for balance. For temp no extra glue needed but I did notice it would not go off of half way when the key was turned off. The Temp should go down when key is turn off. I had to pull up on the needle a little so it could move freely and return to 0 when key is off. Fuel I no longer knew where its calibration point was since it climbed on me, I had to remove it and add some glue for weight. So… I left the needle off, went to a filling station and filled it up. I waited around 5-10 mins as it takes a while for it to go to full… Once I felt enough time had passed, I pressed it back on at the F position and proceeded to drive the car around. I noticed my temp gauge was too high, it took me 4 or 5 more times of plucking it with my fingers and re positioning it to just under half, once where it should be, I would turn off the key to make sure it would go to zero. Fuel does not do that. It stays where it is. So.. I had to drive the car and burn 1/4 tank of gas to make sure that needle too was working. So.. All in all.. This is a day project and you need to be careful and know what you are doing. You have to know how to soldier also. I would put difficulty level at medium. IF you have some burned out bulbs that also need replacing, then you will have to work on getting all 3 plugs off and remove the cluster from the car.

grabir01 says:

Are your boards dimmable, same as factory? Also.. Only the short needles need glue gun glue to balance them on the sc300?

Jillian Tay says:

It's a 2007 is 250

Jillian Tay says:

My dealership wants about 3,000 to fix this. I live in California. Where can I purchase this from? I'm not sure if this is a reasonable price!

Mr Sausage says:

Can anything be done to the is300?

Diego Luna says:

or how about the ls

Diego Luna says:

are es needles interchangeable with the sc?

Nae Xuipper says:

very informative and great instructions , we will order the boards very soon!

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