Inner Tie-rods: DIY Diagnose & Replace (classic Lexus)

Inner Tie-rods: DIY Diagnose & Replace (classic Lexus)

Tie-rod ends are a critical part of the steering system, linking the steering rack to your wheel knuckles.

How can you tell if the tie-rods are bad, and how do you replace them properly?

Let’s do a little wrenching on this classic (and rust-free!!) Lexus ES300 to get the steering system back to it’s former glory.




Joe Johnson says:

That's a bad thing that they are switching to TRW. Mooge makes top quality parts.

Jack Shimano says:

IF typical salt belt car,entire 24 yr old car should have been in crusher long ago
-sure you are impressed to see car-that is typical of 2-3 yr old units in N England states

apachelives says:

Older Subarus are the easiest car to change inner tie rods – so much access since the rack is pretty much the lowest point, no special tools required.

zx8401ztv says:

Smashing job ivan :-D.
The tube tool is worth every penny, makes the job much nicer :-D.
The quality of your repairs and attention to detail is well worth the money, the owner knows it's spot on, and you care about the result. (Some mechanics don't care).

S & A Auto says:

As far as bill time goes…..I always say, "repairing a car requires time, knowledge, experience and equipment. I charge for all four." Book time is only a guide and can be wrong, for, or against us. Be fair and get paid what you're worth!

Eric Corse says:

Awesome all wrenching. In this situation it looked like an crowsfoot socket might have been able to remove the inner joint.That car will drive like new after getting these wobbly things off it.Typically cars used to be set slightly toe in. has this changed?

kerryithm2 says:

always thought you wanted a smidge toe-in? otherwise it will " Walk " ?

Tony Ackers says:

More light Aziz…

kerryithm2 says:

Honesty & an Impact goes along way here.

R. E. Hill says:

Nice one.. for me, this video has audio sync issues..

Kevin Byrne says:

1:30 — One tiny suggestion: Your camera lacks wide dynamic range: if bright light is present, it can't detect things that are in half-darkness. You yourself can see inside the wheel well, but it can't. Therefore, use a drop light or its equivalent while recording video from dark interior spaces. And if your camera has a screen, check whether it can see into dark interiors before pressing the record button.
Otherwise, no complaints. You're a bright, nice guy who knows his stuff.

Andrew Thompson says:

I use my 90s cars for everyday use and keep my 2000's cars for weekend use…

Willem Streutgers says:

Ivan, i learned that frontwheeldrive cars needed a toe-out, can you agree with that ?

Mumbʟes005 says:

Some inner tie-rods do not have a flat part for that adapter. They make one that will work for both types of tie-rod but it's a bit more expensive. A 2005 dodge neon has no flat place on the tie-rod for that adapter for example.
The tool:
Tie-rod without the flat spot:

Manic Mender says:

@Pine hollow auto diagnostics Moog sold out to cheap Chinese manufacturing like Dorman did. TRW is our last hope for decent aftermarket parts.

Robert Davis says:

Loved your presentation Ivan. We miss you out here in Youtopia .Luck too you and yours .

Jeremy Anthony says:

hopefully some day we can meet.

Jeremie Parker says:

Nice work Ivan… Neat way to align the wheels think I will start trying that..Thanks for sharing brother..God Bless

zoidberg444 says:

God. Those jammy gits down in Texas have it made. I've seen cars here with more rust at a year old… Last time i did track rods i had to cut and chisel the bloody things out they were that rusty.

TRW are one of the OEM manufacturers but I'm not aware they manufactured for Toyota or if they did maybe they made some parts for Corolla/Avensis made in Derby. I think they were in the top 20 auto manufacturers by size. They make steering and safety components mainly but also do some suspension stuff and they have a huge business in the UK refurbishing brake calipers off scrapped vehicles for reuse. I heard they were brought by ZF group in 2016. So they're probably in the top 5 auto parts manufacturers now. I know ZF made some parts for Toyota in Europe.

Jeremy Anthony says:

way to go ivan. your'e #1 . now let's see if eric o. can do that.

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