How To RESTORE Your Cracked, Melting, & STICKY DASHBOARD | Toyota Lexus IS250 – Sticky Dash Fix 2.0

How To RESTORE Your Cracked, Melting, & STICKY DASHBOARD | Toyota Lexus IS250 – Sticky Dash Fix 2.0


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In this video I go over the process of cleaning and repairing a sun-damaged dashboard using a product designed to fix broken, cracked, and melting dashboards like mine. In my experience this is the cheapest and most efficient way to repair a dashboard without spending a fortune on a brand new dash. SPOILER: This product is highly effective for the price and I’ve received many compliments from other Lexus drivers when they see the results from StickyDashFix.

– Sticky Dash Fix:
– SUGRU 3 pack:
– Kraft Paper Roll:
– Scotch Tape:
– Paintbrush set:
– Paint Cup (a paper plate or cup works too):
– Scissors:

Other modifications to my car:
– 10″ Screen Android Head Unit:
– WIRED Adapter for Apple CarPlay/Android Auto:
– WIRELESS Adapter for Apple CarPlay/Android Auto:
– Dual USB Mount:

– Cigarette Lighter Conversion to USB Type C & QC 3.0:



Janie Chang says:

Nice video. Just wonder how long will this restoration last? Is this a permanent fix?

XxninjaboyxX 24 says:

When are you making the reverse camera install on the android unit?

Iraj Matthee says:

Great job. Perhaps if you add a UV window film to your windshield your dashboard will last a little longer too.

Sergo Pedro Khoch says:

nice vid , but what a garbage product

650 Sneakers says:

will it work for door panels too?

robrez says:

I used this about 3 weeks ago and my dash is back to melting and sticky. Take note and pay attention, the video maker here also previously installed this product and it failed for him

If it sounds too good to be true, it is

Roman Butenko says:

I noticed you don't have the common wood trim near the transmitter and window controls, did you change this on your own (DIY)? or did you get that done somewhere?

The Lexus Dude says:

Very nice video keep up the good work

Jay T says:

Nice video!
Where did you purchase your navigation panel? Did you changed over to it or did you always have a navigation system?

B K says:

How long does it take to ship to the u.s? I'm not sure it's worth $50 for some paint basically

B K says:

did you use 303 aerospace? Im using it it makes it not sticky for a few months, I don't park out side in the sun though. Lexus Rx

Gregory Bear says:

Where do I buy?

Chris Kelone says:

Sticky dash fix
Where to buy and use

bara samhan says:

Would that work on the doors?

Cameron says:

I recently found a post on where people were signing to extend the ZLD melting dashboard program

oraine16 says:

A video from the chosen one

Charlesj Bryant says:

I’m getting a new dashboard from the lexus warranty!! Verify if you can get it too though!!

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