How to replace the thermostat in the Lexus LS430 – VOTD

How to replace the thermostat in the Lexus LS430 – VOTD

Thermostat replacement: 45 – 60 minutes ($30 / 150 / $175)

NOTE: The jiggle/bleeder pin should be at the 12 O’clock position when installing the thermostat.

In this video I helped a friend replace the thermostat in their 2001 Lexus LS430. I is pretty easy, however, the dealership had a problem getting the correct thermostat. So, it may be better if you pull the old one before picking up the new one to insure you get the correct part. My GUESS is that the GS and LS take different size thermostats. This process should be the same from 2000 through 2006.
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Dj says:

You the man rob! Multiple cars various fixes you always come thru with the thorough vids!

Celeste Schaub says:

I have a 2006 LS 430 and I live in Florida. When the weather starts to heat up I have problems with overheating, meaning the temperature gauge goes up quickly if i'm idling at a stop light for awhile and I have to shut everything/ac
down. In the cooler months when I don't use ac or its not that hot, i'm ok. Im thinking it's just this problem, the thermostat. Im almost 72 but my son wants to do the work for me because lexus garage charges so much. Do you think this problem is indeed the thermostat? Ty

MidNightSunarchive says:

Thank you man

checkMyLikedVideos says:

Thanks Man!

Jonathan J says:

Hey Robert thanks a lot for this video. I had to replace the stickey thermostat on my sc430 I followed your video and it went really well. Took literally less than 20 minutes. I appreciate you putting this video on! By the way when I bought the thermostat they gave me the wrong gasket as well! Which I thought was pretty ironic after watching your video

Marky Mark says:

What are the symptoms of a bad thermostat? a friend of mine's ls430 is overheating and leaking coolant but only when the heat is on. Could that be a bad thermostat?

A B says:

What if no coolant drips out .is the pump bad?

Josh Fried says:

How do u Know when u need a new thermostat

Nasar Azam says:

Don't you need to burp it?

ib car says:

Do you thing it Same for 2005?

Omar Qureshi says:

Another fine video RobertDIY. I believe in your philosophy: get OEM if possible if you’re doing your own work like this thermostat (where warranted).

Doc Jody says:

Robert, would've been a good idea to note that in the Lexus or Toyota, when the thermostat housing's mating surface faces vertically, it does matter which direction the thermostat's Jiggle Valve faces, which is "at the 12-o'clock noon" position. In some Toyotas, the T-Stat housing's facing lies horizontally, in which case that jiggle valve position is irrelevant. Curiously, in your video, the Jiggle Valve is positioned "up" at around the 12:30 or 1-o'clock position. Did it just wind up in nearly the correct position by happenstance or did you mean to have it there. The noon position allows air in the system to escape in vertically-facing thermostat housings.

AKJeeper says:

Probably should mention that the jiggle pin on the thermostat should be at the 12 o'clock position. And with all that coolant spilling out, I can't help but wonder if there's an issue with the radiator cap too. It looked like it was missing the smaller diameter seal (normally have two seals, a larger one and a smaller one).

Alpha Omega says:

Only seen green or orange anti freeze. Buddy of mine add green antifreeze to his Explorer and wreck his coolant system :;/

Kamryn says:

Hi Robert I got the clutch an every thing replaced on my truck an now the pedal is very soft it doesn’t slip it’s not hard to shift it is it true it will get harder once it breaks it?

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