How to Replace the CV Joint / Driveaxle on a Lexus ES300

How to Replace the CV Joint / Driveaxle on a Lexus ES300

How to replace the CV Joint or driveaxle on a 1998 Lexus ES300, Toyota Camry, Toyota Solara or Toyota Avalon. This specific video covers the passenger side which is more difficult and involved but the procedure is nearly identical for the driver side as well. See link below for parts.

Here is the link to how to use a slide hammer if you need it.

Driver Side:

Passenger Side:

Slide Hammer if You Need One:



condor5635 says:

Really good video Clint but I know this is the start of you doing more and more work on your cars in the future. That being said make a commitment to yourself to go and get a hydraulic jack and some good jack stands. You are only talking $125 and that is worth your safety. Thanks for posting

Tyler Stawski says:

Should I be using a new snap ring??? If so, any help on size or where I can find one? I would hate to put all this back together and have leaks.

Ron Mitchell says:

You know your setup isn't safe but you still proceed?? I've seen a car fall on a neighbor. It's not a pretty sight. Jackstands are $20 at Harbor Freight.

Tiger Westwood says:

Helpful, BUT with a warning- Note the vehicle rocking as he puts strain on the wishbone bolts! I would never recommend getting under any part of a vehicle while only supported by the factory supplied Scissor jack. It looks like there are concrete blocks under the RH side, but lightweight unreinforced blocks will shatter in a split second if the scissor jack fails, especially as they are sitting there loose, clear of the chassis. Very dangerous practice. Use purpose built axle stands and a good hydraulic jack that does not flex. Also use a small hydraulic jack to raise the hub assembly so the bolts can be lifted out from the wishbone easily and without the risk of damaging the threads.
* 55 years of working on various vehicles, tractors, boats etc and a mechanic with a motor racing team, now a retired engineer and still alive 🙂 PS. Saw a local garage mechanic killed at his private residence (near me) a few years ago while using a scissor jack only. He was very safety conscious but probably thought he'd do a 'quick fix' at home instead of in his Workshop;

sparky mcfly says:

im doing this same one now and it's frozen at the carrier like it's been welded..crazy

sparky mcfly says:

does anyone know what purpose the rubber plug on the set bolt serves ? mine went byby..

Crocsta says:

iv'e seen alot of other videos where transmission fluid leaks out when they pop out their cv,s and then need to refill them after there done replacing them . is this the same case for the es300 or do i not need to worry about transmission fluid coming out?

Jim Stelljes says:

Nice video Clint Holland. I live in the rust belt. Looks like your Lexus has not experienced any rust. You are fortunate. I have a 2002 Camry. What were the symptoms that had you changing out the CV axles? My Camry is beginning to vibrate and shake when I accelerate the engine while driving. The motor mounts have been ruled out.

Bighead says:

Very helpful video.

Norm Smith says:

nice claw hammer, sheesh man. You defiantly define back yard mechanic.

Eye Of Nelms says:

This is just like my 98 Avalon. I just did both of mine today! Somehow I was able to pull them right out with my bare hands, but had a much harder time getting them back in…

TeamBlackrock says:

Mine is freaking stuck!! even with the slide hammer.

geldon mana says:

You dindnt mention cv joint bolt size…

Sir Gomez says:

Thanks for replying back. Yr help and video has been well useful.

Sir Gomez says:

What size is the socket for the bearing lug nut ?

spitfireknls says:

never seen anyone remove the axle nut without removing the wheel first would be a lot easier to just taking the wheel off first

Abad perez says:

When and if I replace my front right CV. I will video and sent it to you for possible posting.

Abad perez says:

Use power tools way better and easier.

Abad perez says:

Thanks Clint, I joined jet out more videos on Cover Head gasket, spark plus removal and anything else. Thx keep up good videos!

Abad perez says:

I own a 94 Lex es300 is it the same procedure thx.

eight0eight Island Pyro says:

awesome vid man. I pretty sure it'll be the same on a 91 lexus ls400 right?

Jeff Freeman says:

I just have to share this because first, your video is a godsend. Thank you.
Second, I got myself all prepared with a slide hammer and an axle attachment from the auto parts store, but I thought that, just for laughs, I'd give the axle a tug with my bare hand to get some sense of how tight it is, and how much religion I'd be losing in the next few hours.
I nearly fell on my ass because, OMFG, it came out like a breeze. Like a breeze, I tell you! I totally believe you that it can be a bitch, just as I believed the clerk, and the two guys behind me at the ap store, and I feel all kinds of blessed and religious and everything!

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