HOW TO: Install Lowering Springs on Lexus IS250/IS350/IS500

HOW TO: Install Lowering Springs on Lexus IS250/IS350/IS500

This will be a step by step tutorial on how to install lowering springs on 2014-2022 Lexus IS250 IS350 AWD RWD models.

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@spraym88 says:

Does this also apply to the 2023 is350 rwd?

@thegoat7490 says:

Where did you find the torque specs for the bolts you took off?

@JorgeGarcia-ky6yp says:

Hey did the car still ride smooth? Or was it more bumpy?

@tommiizeng8355 says:

Quick question, where did you find out all those torque specs for each bolt and nut?

@ray4hunniddoe925 says:

How much was the drop on this???

@johnifer7976 says:

How does the car feel after lowering it?

@blazingjjordan_2352 says:

Amazing vid how much was the car lowered? Like half an inch or so?

@mikedecker1025 says:

Great video, thanks for posting. I will say my front struts were a little different than yours (mine is a RWD non-dynamic handling) but other than that it was just as you illustrated. Thanks again!

@dthao227 says:

Do you know if it's ok the lowered the Model that comes with the dynamic handling package?

@EnderBombz says:

Hello, I see the lowering springs are made for the previous generation IS but it will work on the new generation IS and with AWD? Is there a before and after picture

@ricop136 says:

Hi. What's the model number of the lowering springs? Did you buy it online? Thx

@northstar5405 says:

WTF….wheels already curbed…the car is represents the owner.

@RustyDig says:

I have a question please: when you jacked up the car from the jack points ,,,, what type of jack adapter pad did you use ? Great video , thanks.

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