How to fix Toyota Lexus Speedometer and Odometer that is not working with Erratic Shifting

How to fix Toyota Lexus Speedometer and Odometer that is not working with Erratic Shifting

How to fix older model Toyota with the following symptoms that are happening simultaneously:

1. Speedometer needle not moving from zero
2. Odometer digital display is blank
3. Transmission is shifting erratically

Often happens after interior car temperature gets very hot after sitting in sunlight for lengthy periods. Can cause code P0500.
Should fix issue on late 1990s or early 2000s model Lexus or Toyota Avalon Corolla Camry RAV4 etc. and possibly other makes and models.

Vehicle in video is a 1998 Toyota Avalon.

0:00 Description of All Issues
2:25 Replacing Resonator
3:56 Reassembling Instrument Cluster
6:00 Reinstalling Cluster in Dash

If you have any helpful ideas or tips to fix this issue, please share it with us in the comments below. Also, let us know if this process fixed your issue.

Ceramic resonator / capacitor

Soldering Iron kit



P A says:

I'm having the exact same issues. I've already tried replacing both sensors on the trans. I think I will try this next. FZJ80 Landcruiser though, my cluster looks slightly different than yours.

kil hefner says:

Jeff, I realize, since my last message, that if my odometer showed up and the speedometer worked, it must have been not for bending the resonator but for the coldness of the cluster…? I just felt like clarifying that fact since I never before tried to drive the Corolla after cooling it up inside the refrigerator… I do not want readers to break their resonators… The next day my problem continued. I was wondering what other cars ( Scion?, Lexus?, etc?) have similar cluster as my corolla 1998? So I can entertain myself going to junkyards…..? Have a great day.

kil hefner says:

Jeff, I just did what you initially did and told us about. Today, before placing the cluster though in the refrigerator for a while(couple of hours) I did bend the resonator (blue thing with 3 legs. it did not break)) and put everything back. I placed it in the car (4 connectors my Corolla 1998 LE) and after it started I did take again pictures of the odometer (same figures!) but this time i did drive the car around the building and…. I saw the speedometer working!! Bravo! I could record some of the speedometer action without killing myself in the process!! Just keeping you updated.TKS

kil hefner says:

Jeff, how can we be sure about the part=resonator? Mine shows 40 GrG (?) The one in Digikey shows M (?) I had already ordered a VSS and … I got a wrong one from Walmart! I do not like ordering online…. any more options?

kil hefner says:

Jeff, I have not yet fixed the resonator. I want to learn how to check for (what? power, continuity, voltage, ? 🙂 )all the electronic parts first…. I played with the cluster leaving it inside the refrigerator (40F) and rapidly next day i placed it back and i got to see the odometer!! and so, I also saw first and 2nd trips in my second playing with it, before it disappeared again. I also realized that in 6 or 8 months or more that the odometer disappeared ( and 1 or 2 years of continues driving with that check engine light P500) it has not turned up more mileage…. what it is GOOD!! jejejjjoops! hehehhh(english) I can sell my corolla 1998 with what it read the last time 114 376, a very cold winter day!! Today reads 114 377 ….. I will keep you updated. This granny loves you very much. Keep safe because we need you!! 05142021

xips420 says:

What causes all gauges to stop working, dash still lights up and displays info, but gauges don't move.

Elia Bruno says:

Hi Jeff!! Thank you SO SO much for this video. It worked in fixing the speedometer and odometer on my Toyota Rav4. Besides the issues you listed we also had a code P0500 which this fixed as well. Just wanted to express my gratitude for this. Thank you again so much!

KC says:

Thanks for this video! My Chassr kept losing speedo and odometer randomly, changing this part has fixed the issue.

computiNATEor says:

My 95 Camry’s transmission has been misbehaving for years, and today the speedometer was erratic. Wonder if this is why.

kil hefner says:

Jeff, thank you so very much!! Just in time I found your video!! I was going to mess up with the IC of 8 legs(?)(pins?) at the left end of the long IC just because I do not see ANY soldering in one of the second legs of this IC !! I took a picture of yours and it was looking almost like yours (the 8 legs IC) It does not show enough soldering either or maybe it is left that way? I wish I could send you a picture of my speedometer although it is a T C 1998 LE 1.8. Mine shows 110 MPH at the end. At 76 years old I would be happy with even 70MPH!! Have a great New Year 2021.

naipal perkash says:

I have this same problem when i drive my toyota mark2 in the hot sun odometer goes blank speedometer stop working and the transmission does not shift anymore.

Davey Calko says:

@Jeff Harrell Thank you for the info – great video. I have a Rav4 1997 with all these symptoms (however this car does not have a digital odometer) I manage to get the speedo out of the cluster but I cannot see the 'blue ceramic resonator' do you know if this model has the same style as your video?

OCDkirby says:

Would this cause a P0500 code in addition to the speedometer/odometer not working?

A A.M says:

Tanks for the info I'm having same issue on my sc

Ness1983 says:

I can attest this fix works for the symptoms described. I used the same soldering iron (but with the flux paste) and resonator linked. Tested it twice in South TX with heat index well above 100 and speedo is working and odometer shows mileage again. This saves literally over 50 bucks. Don’t be nervous with the soldering. Watch YouTube videos and practice on the board that comes in the kit. Thanks so much!!!

Robert Lau says:

I’m having the same exact issues as described

Bolton Peck says:

Thank you for supplying the part number in the comments!

Misuta Suparkoro says:

Needs flux. It helps metal stick to metal and nothing else

Misuta Suparkoro says:

You need flux!

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