How to Fix Lexus IS250 IS350 Sun Visor Lights | Visor Vanity Repair

How to Fix Lexus IS250 IS350 Sun Visor Lights | Visor Vanity Repair

So the vanity lights were acting up on me for years. So I finally decided now is the time to open and fix them.
The main culprit is that pin switch inside with is unreachable. Even extending the slider will eventually cause the pin to get stuck, so best fix is to try and pull it out a little to make better contact with the slider cover.

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Hweedesu says:

Hey Binh ! Awesome video haha mine is also having the issue atm . Just a quick question what size bulbs do you uses for the interior lights 🙂 . I want to change the whole interior to white and just susing around. Thanks !

aspect D says:

Had the same issue. I did the same fix with a spacer for the passenger. The adhesive didn't stay well in hot weather so it ended up jamming inside. I was so frustrated that I did the "rigorous open and close" method and it fixed itself. Did the method to the driver side and it worked too.

Congrats on the new home btw!

Martin Zupancic says:

Great video!

Keishawn says:

Literally having this issue right now, this came right on time!

Damian Herrera says:

Thanks for the awesome video and congrats on the new house! Looking forward to those garage videos

Michael L says:

Any issue on your sunroof closing 80% only?

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