How To Diagnose AND Replace Main Fusible Link 2006-2011 Lexus GS 350, GS 430

How To Diagnose AND Replace Main Fusible Link 2006-2011 Lexus GS 350, GS 430

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Frozen King says:

Did job today $207 at dealer for part it’s on Amazon for $95 and eBay around 65 and up ….. u just can go wrng with dealer tho anyways break all da clamps fyuck it u won’t need them because of da fitted goves in there for the part to slid back in da wires pretty much stay in place when u move them u need a 10 mm and 8 mm for da different sides u have to release wires from long job but it wuz fun @100 holla any questions

N9olan says:

I checked mine yesterday so, the VSC error code I got is probably the gas cap and a dead battery since I haven't driven it since December 2020…

Angel Sanchez says:

Bro same thing happened to mine 2008 gs350 had that main fuse replaced it had burned out and had the alternator replaced but now my turn signals don't work and I'm having like shortage or loose connection type where everything is tripn out

CommonSense Truth says:

Can I replace the entire unit at once? Been searching don't know what it's called.

Randy Montgomery says:

Does this work on a 2007 Lexus us250,in having the same issues

Dre 1k says:

Also I removed the zip tie you clipped but I can barely pull up the link after all the clips are done

Dre 1k says:

I attempted this repair & separated 2 small wires towards the left side of the long black fusible link. Any idea on the damage? Thanks for the vid btw

Jon P says:

Great video. Would the solder hold on the link if you just replaced the alternator?

Sergio Aguilera says:

Hi I have a question if I replace the fuse link box will my check engine light turn on because currently my car doesn’t show up the check engine light on auxiliary mode and I need it too so I can pass smog

Scott says:

Just curious why you didn't just solder the old link and continue using it instead of replacing it with a new one?

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