How To Change 2GR-FE Coils & Spark Plugs 2006-18 Lexus ES350 / 2006-17 Toyota Camry – Under 1 Hour

How To Change 2GR-FE Coils & Spark Plugs 2006-18 Lexus ES350 / 2006-17 Toyota Camry – Under 1 Hour

In this video we show how to change the spark plugs and coil packs Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with the 2GR-FE 3.5 L motor WITHOUT removing the intake manifold! This motor came in a variety of vehicles from 2004 all the way until the present. A complete list (according to wikipedia) of the vehicles equipped with the 2GR-FE 3.5L engine are shown below. We perform this install on a 2007 Lexus ES 350. As mentioned, we perform the install without removing the intake manifold which allows you to finish the job in under an hour with the right tools and a little bit of automotive knowledge.

⚠️Try anything shown in this video at your own risk ⚠️


2004–2012 Toyota Avalon (GSX30)
2012–2018 Toyota Avalon (GSX40)
2006–2012 Toyota Aurion (GSV40)
2005–2012 Toyota RAV4/Vanguard (GSA33/38)
2006–present Toyota Estima/Previa/Tarago (GSR50/55)
2006–2011 Toyota Camry (GSV40)
2011–2017 Toyota Camry (GSV50)
2006–2012 Lexus ES 350 (GSV40)
2012–2018 Lexus ES 350 (GSV50)
2007–2009 Lexus RX 350/Toyota Harrier (GSU30/31/35/36)
2009–2015 Lexus RX 350 (GGL10/15/16)
2007–2016 Toyota Highlander/Kluger (GSU40/45/50/55)
2007-2012 Toyota Blade (GRE156)
2007-2013 Toyota Mark X Zio (GGA10)
2008–2018 Toyota Alphard/Vellfire (GGH20/25)
2008–2016 Toyota Venza (GGV10/15)
2009–present Lotus Evora
2006–2016 Toyota Sienna (GSL20/23/25/30/33/35)
2009-present Bolwell Nagari 300
Toyota Corolla (E140/E150) (for Super GT use)
Lotus Evora GTE

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⚠️Try anything shown in this video at your own risk ⚠️


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cycleridezeronine says:

Right on man. I'm planning on doing this soon and wasn't looking forward to removing the manifold. Thanks!

Victor Valdez says:

Great video! Did you feel the coil packs snap into place with the spark plug or did you just drop them in there and tighten? Thanks in advance

Bruce Bruce says:

Those are not coil packs those are individual coil the car packed is a multi coil

Barry Shaw says:

Will this work on 09 Toyota Camry v6 basically the same setup

Karl Parato says:

Seems like a lot of work just to change spark plugs…

Old Man J Performance Car and Motorcycle Channel says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful…

Hanz Berger says:

I would check the torque on the head gasket.

Kalmah says:

Liked and subscribed… will be using this for my 2013 Camry Se V6

Question though… is it SOP to change out the coil packs when doing spark plugs? I’m at just over 93K miles, and have the OEM plugs and coil packs still in there.

Also, I see some YouTubers applying anti-seize around the threads of the new plugs.

Also… would it be necessary to do O2 sensors when doing plugs?

rotfan77 says:

Thanks so much for making this video, I had seen a very detailed breakdown with pictures on one of the Toyota forum websites, but they had you taking the manifold off, after seeing you do this I was also able to successfully do it, and surprisingly it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought (I had heard it would be a nightmare) the only tough thing for me on my 2009 six cylinder Camry was that I had to lay on the engine a few times to get my head back there and see what was actually going on, but thanks so much for making this video you made the job what I can only assume to be much easier. One crazy thing that I discovered was that I also had a leak on that middle cylinder on the back of the side of the engine, there was oil at the bottom of the coil, I guess that’s a common spot for the valve cover to leak on the 2GFRE engine.? Was wondering if there was anyway to tighten it up while I was back there but I didn’t really see much? If anybody knows a way to tighten those valve covers a little sometimes you can get a little more time out of your valve cover gasket?

Mark Lance says:

Did they ever make a video on changing the rear valve cover gasket?

Fixing it Yourself says:

Nice video! Thanks for sharing. If anyone needs a how to on Es350 headlight removal, I have one on my channel.

Me and Myself says:

Yes easy change but a lot of work and timing

Tree Fiddy says:

Checking in for an update on those coils 3/20/2021

Calidslim says:

Where is ignition coil D located? I can't seem to find any info

G says:

Hello, is it possible to do this procedure without removing intake on a 07 Avalon also 2grfe ?

xay saysombath says:

i Wonder if this works on my 2011 Toyota Avalon? it has same engine. i don't want to remove the intake Because it take a lots of time & works.

Lipshitz Mcgee says:

Y didnt u just take the plastic intake off? Its waaaay easier.

Jordan Martinez says:

Still working ?


Thank you, awesome video. Wouldn't have done my plugs without your thorough steps.

Jean Aurelien says:

This is one of the best helpful video I have seen for replacing sparks plugs. I am wondering if this technique is working for 2010 Toyota Highlander

Buddy Boyy says:

Feb 23 2021
Wifes 06 Avalon.
Intake manifold had to come off.
Both pieces of the windshield cowling had to come off. Wiper motor…off.
Lotta work but all coils/plugs in rear are replaced.

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