Will it Start after major Engine Rebuild ? Land Rover Discovery 4

Will it Start after major Engine Rebuild ?  Land Rover Discovery 4

We installed our newly rebuild 3.0L SDV6 engine and put the body back onto our Land Rover Discovery 4. Will the engine start? Or did we screw up again?
We are not liable for any harm you do to your car, your engine, your surroundings or yourself. Use the information given in this video at your own risk.

Thanks for watching,
Vera & Christian

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@johnshaw4140 says:

Vera and Christian , Landrover specialists , well done , viel spass

@roberto9666 says:

I was surprised Vera was so blase about the engine starting. She might have shown a little emotion!

@martin-f5482 says:

Hallo ihr Lieben, es war mal wieder faszinierend Euch bei der Fertigstellung zuzusehen. Gratulation zum Erfolg und vielen Dank für all die Informationen. Das Video zeigt aber auch wie komplex der "dicke" gebaut ist und welch Ideenreichtum zu diesem Gefährt geführt hat.

@sarahdell4042 says:

Congrats. Massive undertaking this job is

@jerdobi says:

Congradulations, you have a new baby!

@TheOzkruz says:

I was celebrating with you when it started, such an enormous milestone

@snorris89 says:

Shane got a mention. I miss his D3 vids.
Great one guys. I don’t think I am mentally organized enough yet to do an engine rebuild but maybe one day.

@BorellaFamilyAdventures says:

Love how happy and excited Vera gets lol. Still my favorite channel on Youtube.

@2605155 says:

22:26 A wasted opportunity for a "Debacle".

@2605155 says:

0:30 Amazing!!! I did not even have to wait one full minute to hear a "Debacle"

@Marszczak says:

Lunch Rover 🙂

@thomaskeane429 says:


@guylewis4770 says:

Absolutely well done you pair.congratulations

@ruscador1 says:

i love you two but the disco 4 engine is shit

@davidrees223 says:

another superb video, both entertaining and informative as usual, thankyou.

@DavidHallworth says:

Amazing work as always guys. I was smiling for you both when it started and I could sense the excitement from you both. Can't wait to see it's maiden voyage!

@hughmarcus1 says:

Another brilliant rebuild. I was very hesitant to buy a D4 because of the reputation for engine failures. Watching your channel & Christian’s videos excellent commentary I’d be happy to buy a well maintained one now.

Interestingly another channel I watch is a DPF specialist in the UK. One of his clients has traded 3 nearly New Hilux for Discovery 5s (TDV6)
All the Toyotas had engine failures & they’ve found the D5 to be more reliable. That certainly bucks a trend.

@John_O_Maoilearca says:

Congratulations- what an achievement! The drama of that engine turning again for the first time was comparable to Frankenstein’s Creature coming to life! (With happier consequences of course).

@admranger says:

There's nothing like the sound of a motor working well after you put bearings (and a lot of other work) into it. Very nice work that even Dave would approve of.

@virgilio1355 says:

Love it when Christian torques a bolt. He clicks it two or three times just to get the keyboard mechanics going.

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