Land Rover TD5 Starter Motor Clicking?? here's the repair….

Land Rover TD5 Starter Motor Clicking?? here's the repair….

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nlomas says:

I wish mine screwed off like yours did

Roza says:

when you put the starter motor back on are there any gaskets or seals between the starter motor and the engine
got my starter motor fixed about 1 year ago at a garage and am getting the click again thought i might try and fix it myself as i like to go four wheel driving by myself and if the starter craps out would save a lot of walking if i can fix it

Matthew Smith says:

Hi. I’ve had a TD5 for about a year now and having no previous mechanics skills im learning lots. Been rebuilding bits especially over past month so it’s been stood around that time but today came to turn it over and nothing just that little click. What I’m wondering is if this is easy enough for an amateur to do or would it be best to buy a new starter motor and just bang that on? Thanks

Alan Jones says:

Thank you for this informative video, however the "OK for another 100k" on the Fourby website seems optimistic. My disco has done 69,250 miles since new in 2004. The original starter motor failed completely at the end of 2010 after 37,250 miles when it must have stuck and blew a fuse. The solenoid problem suddenly appeared two days ago with no warning. I have ordered a new starter motor plus a solenoid service kit from England as I now live in mainland Europe and there are no local suppliers of such bits. I will get my garage to change the starter motor and I will then refurb the solenoid on the old one at my leisure. I can keep the whole unit to one side as a spare. I have not closely examined the Disco starter motor when underneath on rust prevention duties. I expected it to be much larger. I am sure my old Ford Anglia van had a much bigger motor to spin a tiny 997 cc engine, though it did not have a solenoid, the starter pinion was whizzed down a spiral groove on the motor shaft and returned by a spring.

Fionàn O'Kelly says:

Neil, does the 300Tdi starter motor have the same type of contacts? I've never taken down my starter and it's running for 19 years.

Vehicle Repair Toolbox Videos says:

I got to say that is a very odd design of starter motor. Nice to see one can repair it to a certain extent. I find it odd on the rear of the starter where the Bendix shaft is. Usually, there is a support bracket and bearing for the shaft. Good video BTW>

Vehicle Repair Toolbox Videos says:

Silly i know but it looked like your disco has a wee when you jacked it up. 😀

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