Land Rover LR3 Stereo Replacement

Land Rover LR3 Stereo Replacement

My Land Rover came with a JUNK aftermarket stereo. NO THANKS! This video shows how I replaced it with the factory stereo and rewired the mess they left behind. If you have any questions regarding the job please don’t be a stranger!



Steven Vandeyar says:

Good video… when you installed the stock amp did you have to get it reprogrammed? Did it require any security codes ? (‘06 RRS-Logic 7)

MG Man1701 says:

Any recommendations on how to put in front heated seats with stock controller? I have an HSE (2008). Do you think the harness is there for a heated seat HVAC if I just install the heated seats from a donor vehicle? Thanks!

sasan oskoui says:

very good good good nice work

Ravinder Singh says:

hey buddy, i have landrover lr3, my question is my car stereo and navigation was working perfect but now dont know wat happens it stops working, and i get to dealership they cost me way more to dignouse, can u tell me wat are the possibilities to fix it, we can text if u got some time or talk, my cell is 1 3067167072

Jami H says:

What if you have the factory stereo in and it works etc but the navigation and the Bluetooth have been bypassed so they don't work? Navigation screen comes on but its just menus.

Ganbala says:

Hey brando I have lr3 to I goin to start make videos to share with you thing you need to know about maintenance prevention ..I love my truck to . even I make more random videos of my car and nothing to the LR3

A Fig says:

Excellent job- by the way, why are my local audio installers afraid of touching the MOST system?
Is it that difficult?

Ransiel Negron says:

Gosh you need to work on your music choices for your videos there great but the music you chose distract from the video objectively to inform the viewer a softer tone music would be extremely beneficial for the viewer and also seem more welcoming and pleasant.

Seweryn Cieślik says:

good job 🙂

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