Land Rover LR3 Air shock removal and replacement

Land Rover LR3 Air shock removal and replacement

detailed how to video guide. on how to replace the drivers side front air strut/shock. both front sides are removed and replaced the same way.



Abiut Arcos says:

Enjoyed watching your video, great effort and great helper! Gracias!!

Telcean Gavrila says:

You can lock your suspension in access mode
Don’t need to remove the fuse

Gustav Joubert says:

Thanks for this vid and yea it's a nightmare to work on but got it done.

martin d says:

finally a new video….cool. looked challenging but great video dude.

Rob Guyette says:

Great video- thanks for making it.

Another way to get to that back bolt is to just pop off the fender and take out the plastic wheel well lining. Takes about 5 minutes and then you can get a socket wrench onto that back bolt.

Thanks again.

Kelly Jake Garcia says:

Getting ready to do this on my '06 LR3. After the system aired up, did you have to take it anywhere to have a height calibration done?

Stefanie Gilbert says:

Bought a new set of Arnott's on Ebay cheaper than I could buy just a pair of air bags. I was thinking about changing the bags, but was already leary from reading the "how to" on line. And…BONUS…I get to keep my cores so I can see how they are made.

advancedhydrogen says:

i had to send the strut back as a core so i did not take it apart.

Thomas Ye says:

Thanks for the video and it's so adorable that you work with your daughter. I'm planing to replace only the air bag on the strut instead of the whole thing. Did you try disassembling the strut and see what's really going on in there? Just asking. Thanks

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