Land Rover clutch master cylinder repair Part 2 Setting up the new cylinder

Land Rover clutch master cylinder repair Part 2 Setting up the new cylinder
Your support is appreciated!

If you have a Defender/Tdi problem and do not know how to fix it, drop me a line! Maybe I can help!



Alex Bruzzano says:

Just finished replacing everything from the master to the slave on my left hand drive 110, and had the pedal box sandblasted, all thanks to you sharing your knowledge with us. Now just need to get the play just right and I'm done. Thank you!

kaige Radikal says:

Where is part one for this video? I'm having this same problem right now. Just would like to say thanks tho, your videos are a life savers

jay Foley says:

Thanks for this video. Just changed my defenders master cylinder in Belize…

Rocking horse science Mechanics made easy. says:

Don't forget to shim up the slave for correct biting point (most common overlook/error)
And the mounting bolt holes are eccentric in order for perfect push rod alignment. Otherwise it wears out the bore. When the brake fluid goes black, this is a tell tale sign it's not running "true"

Boelo Wildervanck says:

Hi Mike, placed a new clutch (LOF), slave and mastercilinder (TWI), problem is that I have to put the pedal really deep to be able to change gear. I think I bleeded it well.. but I saw this video too late and didn't prime the new cilinder..what could be the problem? (TD5 90 1999)

bernd eikers says:

one of the best explination i have seen – thx so much for sharing

Greg Palmer says:

Good idea to drill a hole in the back to get a 1/2 inch socket in to adjust that play instead of using a half inch ratchet spanner.

East African adventures TJ says:

Iv tried looking for the part number any one got it

Pieter Vanhaelewyn says:

Can you bleed it from the top valve?

Nick Boylen says:

Lucas, Girling, GKN and TRW are all brands of the same company, so it is an OEM part. 🙂 I'm not sure, but I think the aluminium gasket you're missing is just to prevent the master cylinder from electrolytic corrosion from being in contact with the steel pedal box. A decent smear of grease will work well enough.

Peter Ross says:

PLEASE can you alter your Thanks to say Patrons? Sorry for being pedantic but while your videos are great guides, spelling is just as important today. If you are fussy enough to get the right play in a pedal, it looks better if the correct spelling is used at all times.

Chase Photos says:

Thanks for this video. It is timely! I have sent a video request via your website. Cheers!

Dietmar Winkler says:

Hi, you can actually change the master cylinder in situ without removing the pedal or touching the brake assembly if you have a pre-300tdi and get access via the air-intake. It is a bit fiddly but not that hard thanks to the side access. 🙂

Nick S says:

What anti-sieze is it you use? Didn't look like the standard copper slip stuff.

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