How to replace the radio in a Landrover LR2 Installer Diaries 191

How to replace the radio in a Landrover LR2 Installer Diaries 191

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styner3 says:

I fly to Clearwater at least once a year to see family and I was wondering if I drove my SUV (2017 Benz GLE) and I get new amp, sub and speakers would that mean my SUV will be in one of your videos? Hoping so πŸ™‚

LFernandez919 says:

D and F you jest never let me down. Always great videos but the part I love the is that you guys some how make things look very simple and it’s not. Love you videos and work.

webberfan1234 says:

Do a Top Ten video on cars with best factory audio systems.

Paul Mayou says:

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to see a UK car on the show great work guys

Fang Of Truth says:

I know this is off topic of video but does sound treatment (not insulation but sound deadener or foam pad behind speaker )of inside of speaker enclosure affect sound?

Jacob Hajarat says:

Stop saying "go ahead" it's cringy and unnecessary

Bastin Tech and Games says:

It's crazy seeing you guys do one of these, I did a Freelander 2 a couple of years ago with the same system, that was before Connects 2 made the fibre optic retention for that car, was interesting to say the least, and those cages are a daily occurrence in the uk, both connects 2 and autoleads (owned by AAMP) use them on basically all there double din kits.

kollin hodges says:

Spiral audio stuff actually works really well! I did a cayenne with Bose a little while back and was worried when I saw what the client brought us but it worked perfect first time!

Kabir Bindra says:

Another great video. Have you ever heard of the spiral audio kit for 2003-2014 XC90 ? I used that for my car up on the northeast but I had to show them your video on how to use the old radio to keep the stereo working πŸ™‚ .

Jesus Garcia says:

Hey dean, have you worked on an LR3 before? I have a cousin of mine who would love to change his out but wants to retain the factory screen as it has info for the car. Just wondering where one could go about getting more info. I do know it has the Harmon system in it and will need to be re wired

Cornell Ruiz says:

What about L322

lakorai2 says:

Too bad the reliability of Land Rovers is total garbage. This customer unfortunately will not have very much time to enjoy this system.

The Brittish have always made the worst reliable cars. Its reallt bad when your cars are worse than Chrysler.

Justin Gardner says:

What is the factory fiber optic used for? Data? Toslink?

baby gurl says:

Personal that's that everyday I work till 4:30 bu the time I'm st home relaxing boom a video from five star car stereo pops up and thank you for making my day

david carter says:

Good morning everyone hope we have a grateful day and im grateful that nothing bad happened for you to miss the Saturday you tube show……i work on cars too and that happens from time to time and you kmow what momma says……..peace out fam

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