Lamborghini Gallardo Oil Change, Filter, and Oil Level Check

Lamborghini Gallardo Oil Change, Filter, and Oil Level Check

Lamborghini Gallardo oil and filter change



J Mauga says:

100k car and the oil filter cover is plastic…


LILEVO – Jason Tanon. About how long does it take for the oil change? Thanks for the upload.

Gallardo Dude says:

Hi Jason,
So i just completed my first oil change on my 2008 Gallardo and i have put in 6 quarts of oil then ran it at 2000 rpm for about 2 min then added 3 more quarts. I took it out for a quick drive and when i checked the dip stick the oil level is literally right at the max level. I added total of 9 quarts and i thought the Gallardo take up to 10 quarts? The oil level is right at the dot on top of the dip stick. Should i release some oil? If i do need to drain some oil do I drain from the sump tank or do I drain from the oil tank? Your advise is much appreciated.

ExoticCar PlayPlace says:

Great video, I also recently did a DIY Gallardo oil service. Good Job !

Eduardo Vidal says:

Oh volkswagens

Dev Everything says:

Thanks. I am about to do this. This was a big help

Moto Tingle says:

I appreciate you making this video.

Some Puerto Rican Guy says:

Never change the oil on a hot engine, every thing is scolding hot and the oil is going to burn the shit out of you.

AndersDog94 says:

wtf raise the rpm to 2000 for 2 min to check the oil? thats weird, i would check the oil after the engine have sit for 5 min, or better when it sit for longer time and got cold

8track Abraham says:

very nice not too many maintenance videos of lamborghinis

James Franco says:

because everybody needss a Lamborghini dyi oil change video

Richard Page says:

thanks, good vid….

Ronnie Shih says:

What kind of crappy engine burns 1 qt. of oil every 1000km? That only happens when you have oil control ring issues.

Nickel Reed says:

Should've taken the vacuum line in the middle off. You gotta be careful or you'll break the fitting but it makes it a lot easier than having to work around it.

LILEVO - Jason Tanin says:

cold start with straight pipes is raspy

TIKIMAN198 says:

Wow that sounded like shit when it first starts up.

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