Lamborghini Countach Kit Car Transformation -EP1

Lamborghini Countach Kit Car Transformation -EP1

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Recording Gear – Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera, Black – Blue Microphones Snowball Ice USB Microphone – White – Apple iPhone X 64GB – Wondershare Filmora video editor

Kit used – BLACK+DECKER Mouse Sander – P38 & P40 Glass Fibre Repair Paste – Fast glass-Laminating Resin, 500 ml – Laminating Glass Fibre Matting

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Today’s Episode is part one of a Lamborghini Countach kit car replica build. Watch this Lambo kit evolve from bonkers ebay car to a dream machine, which I test drive once the kit car build is complete.

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Lamborghini Countach Kit Car Transformation -EP1

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lambobuilder says:

Very nicely done. Your narration and story telling are first class. The more people understand the true work that goes into these builds, the respect for those who embark upon these journeys will be appreciated.

Georgio Ocean says:

$60,000 versus $300,000 plus the insurance it’s gonna be more cost-effective than spending $6000 on insurance

red7fifty says:

Nah..not for me…'s like silicone tits…..fake.

Roberto Salvatti says:

I hate replicas, they are a bad joke for the original car, and I think it's unfair that a real car enthusiast have to cope with a fake Lambo next to him in a red light, cars and coffee etc.. someone who saved money and did whatever it took to buy the car of his dreams, that`s something that a real fanatic does, not just a poser.

Kevin Wells says:

Just discovered this – next episode please. It looks like their might be a story about your (kit?-) house as well at some point? i have seen that prova want about £70k for a turn-key modern countach….prices on the up indeed.

c5 relampago says:

Should i get a started replica this guy is selling one for 1000 us dollars and its just chassis and body its already mounted but i would have to take it apart and inspect everything again i am pretty handy with body work and paint so i can tackle that and i also have good knowledge being a mechanic plus my family are also mechanics they could help me on the weekends i think i could finish the replica with about 35 to 40 thousand invested idk

SIX GEAR says:

That's one of the best quality Kit's.

MAD Mike says:

Awesome Replica! Check out my new Ferrari Koenig Replica project!

Danny Mistry says:

Great video thanks

The HaZe says:

From where do you get parts from (the smaller pieces like buttons?

Steven Badalamenti says:

Very Very Nice was this one built on a donor car ?? if so what car did you use ??

Theo van den Beld says:

Nice one :-))

Quince Cowell says:

Grate video has inspired me to finish mine off another couple of weeks work and she be done

Ayoub Younssi says:

I would like to collab with you <3, you seem like a good person man!

Timothy Schultz says: is a real replica enthusiasts blog if you like these and are looking for helpful info. Nice job editing these photos to describe the process & passion!

supra says:

Great video 🙂
and nice countach

Peter Robinson says:

she is beautiful

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