Lamborghini Aventador LOUD Exhaust Install!

Lamborghini Aventador LOUD Exhaust Install!

Hope this video helps any other Aventador owners out there trying to do this by themselves because I couldn’t find any DIY’s for this anywhere! Thanks to SeatGeek! Download the app and enter code TJ for $20 off your first purchase! (restrictions apply) Thanks Armytrix for the Exhaust be sure to check them out here:

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Crux Interfacing Solutions says:

I've seen your other videos as well as this one, we will be at SEMA please subscribe to our channel!

C9 ALPHA says:

Miss gt3 458…

xConvoy says:

Isn't it really f*cking scary to work on a lambo that almost costs half a million?

pantomath says:

I can feel those laggy shifts when that camera shakes like earthquake . Thats why i choose huracan than these old models

Zachary Owens says:

4:02 green McLaren casually drives by

Noob Gaming says:

Is gari ki maa behn kb ek kre ga ye bta bus

TheeEdward Rodriguez says:

It feels like I’m cheating on David Dobrik listening to him talk about SeatGeek

Tim Gardner says:

Guys you do more yacking than you do work! Sound like a bunch of girls

Malik Sturm says:

If he says strada one more time …

Go08115840 says:

The foreign language under the wing is Japanese. The car came from Japan maybe?


Strad s lambo is much louder than this! !

Immortal Voids says:

Lmao just give it a good yank

Francesco Schettino says:

gtr with the jdm exhaust is still the best

Miguel Alvarez says:

You should probably send over some Omaha steaks to okara, ogahra w.e. you know when I mean.

Tanmay Jamwal says:

Am I crazy or he looks like stradman…

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