Installing ELS, Radiance, And A Lamborghini Police Car.

Installing ELS, Radiance, And A Lamborghini Police Car.

Welcome back to another LSPDFR tutorial. Today, I’ll be showing everyone how to install ELS and Radiance for LSPDFR 0.4.7. This also comes with a very nice Police Cruiser. These mods are also available in my Google Docs. So with that being said, God bless you all and let’s do this!

Disclaimer: I do not encourage violence in any shape, fashion, or form. Nor do I encourage anyone to impersonate a Police Officer/Firefighter! This is just a game and its strictly for entertainment purposes only! Please, do not try and/or do any of this in real life! Always obey the laws of the land!

Note: Turn off all anti-virus when modding and playing LSPDFR. I am not responsible for any corruption to your PC and/or game files.

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Links for👇easy access☆



Lamborghini Reventon

All LSPDFR Police/Firefighter mods, vehicle packs, plugins, callouts etc can be found down there☆👇👇👇

My Google Docs☆ Made and played by Criminal Justice😉



Ray6ix Glazed says:

Can you please do the Bugatti bolide I need help

YT Radoz says:

It won’t work for me

Epic Gamer says:

i just relized everytime i need help installing something for lspdfr i always end up watching this channel. i droped a sub

xiaolong lee says:

why i cant get a lambo

xiaolong lee says:

i didnt see patchday 20ng .. only see 17..

xiaolong lee says:

file IV is what …. didnt see it

NotYahir. says:

I can’t drag the files to open Iv please help

NotYahir. says:

I don’t have mods folder please help

Sourav mania says:

Broo..does this mod works in Cracked version of GTA 5 ??

RainbowSid says:

Hi! Man THe police.ytd is not dragging in only the ytf is what do i do please help

Hacker says:

did something wrong in the update.rpf so my game kept crashing I just copied the original update.rpf into mods folder and started process over I thought I was going to have to delete my game all over ME: well Its not YouTubers problem that u don't listen so yea my guy your mabe death or something bc idk how ca u srew up from a cool youtube like him

Mythic_ Krooz says:

what up C.J i am doing everything good like you said but my cars is verry slow is it normal ?

Yolo says:

Can someone help me I tried to install els cars but they didn’t change like I installed a charger but the charger won’t spawn i don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Kashmir RSVP says:

your content is helping me alot thanks keep up the good work bud 🙂

Moes says:

Thankyou for the help, but what if you want your old police vehicle back how to get it back

Dilesh Badoreea says:

Heyy buddy how do i install new supercars without replacing other police car that i have installed??

ZXR10 says:

Hey just asking i did everything like u said but i cant turn my lights on it would help if u commented

Zeyu Gong says:

Hey mate I wasnt able to pull over any vehicle or get out my police computer sort of when on this cool lambo

TheSkateLyf says:

Hey I found when I downloaded this car I was t able to pull npcs over or is that because or els ?

TheNut says:

Installing this will also change the speed of the lambo because it feels very slow for a lambo. Did it only change the look, and if it did how do you change the speed

TheNut says:

Hey thank you for the tutorial, I was wondering if you can make it so u type f4/spawn POLICE to f4/lamborghini if it is possible

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