Build Lamborghini Aventador Replica From The Honda Accord.

Build Lamborghini Aventador Replica From The Honda Accord.

If one fine day, you get a free old 2004 Honda Accord, how do you plan to use it? Do you plan to drive it to work, go out or picnic, …
I will give you an interesting suggestion, let’s turn it into a super car. Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but my cool friends did the job. It was a truly enjoyable experience. Watch this video to see how they do it.
(This is only the first part, because it takes a long time, we will try to finish it as soon as possible.)
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Mr. Z says:

Homemade RV Car :



REPLICA | Make Lamborghini Reventon From Scrap :

Defiant One says:

You could've shown us the finished product

Bradley Smedley says:

How did you come up with the templates?

Aapka Bhai says:

Send your contact sir

Abdul hadi Gaming says:

Sports car engine

Fazia Syabna says:

Coba berkresi sendiri kenapa harus meniru prodak yang ada

Veas Benong says:

is it street legal still?

Arshana Nabil says:

Very Glares

Arshana Nabil says:

Video not clear

Shobha Ambolikar says:

Can you sell me this at 30 lakh ??

Dave Sickofshit says:

What is the reasoning to start with a Honda Accord why not start with like an 84 Corvette

Ivan Rodriguez Arencibia says:

Son los mejores en serio me encanta lo q hacéis cuanto saldría una réplica en euros??

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