5 Best DIY Lamborghini of All Time

5 Best DIY Lamborghini of All Time

Nobody can be cooler than you, if you have your own Lamborghini… Well… except for those who built it with their own hands. To buy this masterpiece, you just need to earn about 500 thousand dollars that are for starters. But to create your own supercar, you need something more: savvy, fantasy and a few months or even years of spare time. But, it is totally worth it, you know they say: if you want something to be done well, you should do it yourself. It’s a top 5 handmade Lamborghini, get ready to be amused!


Watch the DIY LAMBO of Ilia Strekalovskiy


Watch the DIY LAMBO of Ilia Strekalovskiy


Ken Imhoff



islandstar jam says:

It doesn't matter how the guy pronounces it ,you all know what he meant ,its the car everyone is looking at and commenting on

The Karop24 says:

1:44 "countash" lmao

AMY Arceo says:

Countach looks real

ThamuZ GT says:

Guys saw new Lamborghini (make that for 17 years)
Then after he finish new stylish Lamborghini exist
Maybe he regret

Enigma Games says:

Lol Hodge Podge?

Tiger Rides says:

Proud American v8

Mr.maffwaff ' says:

2:46 kilos? Is that a language of the philipins

Qu4Rk says:

He literally called it the Count Ach

Media Cave Blog says:

That’s nothing I built my very own … oh no wait, that was in mine craft.

riveting-rhyme 0 says:

No one people from 2020 who else is watching this in 2020 like this if you are

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