Kia Sportage side steps / running boards / installing fitting

Kia Sportage side steps / running boards / installing fitting

installing running boards on a Kia Sportage,easy diy job ,these boards fit 2016 onwards

KIA SPORTAGE 2016+ RUNNING BOARDS STEPS BAR SIDE STEPS BAR BOARDS STYLISH /// links below for wind deflectors and side stepson

Wind deflectors

Side steps



@mauriziosebastianopellegri6444 says:

hi, please could you send me the link to purchase the deflectors, thanks

@clivebonneywell6967 says:

Nice you have taken the time to show how easy it is

@gabrielgabriel-tb1zx says:

Kia Sportage 2014 is it suitable?

@wesandeth says:

Brilliant video, way better than the three pictures it came with!

@samanthabartrum3885 says:

Just used your video to fit side steps to my 2010, way more helpful than the instructions they come with thank you!

@TheGracemilan says:

Are they long enought to prevent other cars denting your sportage

@dplayford says:

HI Daz, how have you found them after a few months? any wear and tear on them? any rust forming? what material are they made off?

@rabneill970 says:

Hi Daz…. how do I get to the link for these, there is a link that takes me to the wind deflectors

@petergestels says:

thanks for the uploqd ! it helps alot .

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