The BEST Jeep TJ Ignition Actuator Replacement Video EVAR! Project 2004 Jeep Wrangler

The BEST Jeep TJ Ignition Actuator Replacement Video EVAR!   Project 2004 Jeep Wrangler

I’m not kidding. This video will help anyone replace their ignition actuator (if the pin brakes) or their ignition switch on a Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ. I show you how all the parts work together so it will be easier to install them.

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jason durham says:

Thanks alot

Fernando Medina says:

What a greatly detailed video, really came in handy I would’ve never known what the problem was.

Diehard 270 says:

What do I do if my key won’t even turn?

Ernesto Moreno says:

Im seeing and makin my mind to be ready to do this fix, I got this problem with my XJ 97, pretty much the same parts I need to buy and change. Thank u so much!

Tom Caskey says:

This video is AMAZING!! I am a fair weather mechanic (dad) and had trouble shot several things before this (which did not work) THIS WAS THE PROBLEM, and gave me the confidence to do it on my own. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! We are back up and running, and all because this video..

Phillip Younkins says:

Man this was the best video ever.

Luke Spicer says:

Thank you very much for the video. Just wondering though, what stops someone from taking out the switch and turning the switch with a screwdriver to start it?

Jeffrey B says:

Thank you so much for making this video! Enabled me to fix my own!

brad Grant says:

Great video thank you for your help.

Gary duke says:

Thanks for posting this,replacing mine today.exactly what I needed, great vid.

Y says:

Awesome thank you!

Eric Hofer says:

Excellent!!! Thanks!!!!!

Alex Allen says:

Did your jeep make any noise when you started it? Mine starts on the 2nd or 3rd try, sometimes 4th. Thinking this might be the problem.

Robert James says:

Had you thought of switching to a push-button start on the dash rather than replacing that part? Seems like you could just bridge battery+ to the starter wire like in the previous video with a push-button. Or wherever the wire comes out from the steering column….

kevin bolden says:

great video really helped alot

LbzPontz says:

This saved me thanks for the information !


I just discovered that same little part broke the same way in my actuator…the one part I didn't buy.
But your video…perfect.

richard ward says:

Worked like a charm. Many thanks.

RedJeep Outdoors says:

Just replaced mine on my '05 TJ using these excellent instructions. Mine was broken in the cast area just like yours. The only thing you didn't mention was the fact that it would take me about 5 times as long to do mine than it took you. First delay was because after getting home with the parts I wondered why there was 2 sets of instructions in the box with the actuator pin assembly then finding that the key lock end of the plastic pin was already broken off. Another trip across town remedied that. Second delay was finding the small spring that shot off of the brass colored slider when it worked its way out of the slot. I'm glad I google the ignition issue when the key felt loose and found this video before I had to be towed. Thanks so much for making it. Keep up the good work.

Nick Daddario says:

this is way above my skill level crap. prob $4000 at stealership

liaodesign says:

Bang! WOW!!! Same thing happened to my 01 TJ can’t figure out what wrong it just won’t start. I’m no mechanics and I don’t really work on cars even though I have 3 wranglers :p stumble into your video a bit nervous because I have to open the key and driving module since this is my spare wrangler thought I give it a try parts are pretty cheap the worse case I waste couple hours. Follow your tutor step by step amazing when i separated the actuator and ignition switch “BINGO” it looks just like what on your video the pin is broken at that point I think I got my wrangler fix and yes after put all thing together I’m no as confident like you I test it before I put the cover on and my TJ fire up and engine runs!!! Can’t thank you more for sharing such a detail video you are right about the end when put all pieces together glad you cover all that detail which is extremely important! You saved my hundreds and time too. I still can’t believe I fixed my Jeep! Thank you!!!

astrogypsy says:

Absolutely terrific. That's my tomorrow right there!. I was gonna jerry rig a bypass wire out of intimidation of the steering column. Thanks man!

Kay Lenz says:

This IS THE best technical video I've seen in a while. Thank you for taking the time to explain WHY things go together like they do. TWO THUMBS UP.

Niels Pace says:

Thank you for the effort that you put into this video, helped enormously!

popularwinner says:

Fixed and couldn't do it without this video, thanks.

Kevin Minton says:

Huge help! Thank you for posting. Liked & Subscribed.

Jeremiah Marchant says:

This video was a perfect walk-through and solved my problem with my 2005 TJ. My actuator pin was broken exactly as this was in the video.

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