Repairing Blow-Molded Jeep Bumpers

Repairing Blow-Molded Jeep Bumpers

In 2007, Jeep won an award from Plastics Technology Magazine for its groundbreaking use of blow-molding on Jeep Wrangler bumpers. This process is similar to the process used to make a soda bottle. Though innovative, blow-molded bumpers are thought by some to be impossible to repair, due to the fact that dents cannot be reached from the back. However, we have a repair technique that can remove the dents, eliminating the need to spend a small fortune on brand new Jeep Wrangler bumpers.

Cut a hole: 0:50
Push the dent out: 1:44
Priming: 3:11
Weld the plug: 4:02
Finished look: 4:22

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PJ Reed says:

That bumper is textured does this not matter that the sides do not match?

Jatin Shetty says:

supreb job mate!!! but these bumpers can be got on forum for almost close to free… really good video though

gabe428 says:

Where can you find the primer and black paint used to finish bumper?
basically any plastic primer paint and black paint for plastic?
thank you

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