Jeep Wrangler Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit without Shocks (2007-2018 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit without Shocks (2007-2018 JK) Review & Install

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Increase ground clearance on your Wrangler for better control on uneven terrains while giving you the option to add bigger 35″ tires using this Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit without Shocks. This bolt-on lift kit features front and rear coil spring spacers and shock relocation brackets to ensure you have enough clearance.

Item J10212
MPN# 656

Affordable Lift and Leveling Solution. The Rough Country 2.5 in. Lift Kit is composed of spacers and relocation brackets to improve the ground clearance on your 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK without costing a small fortune. Raising your JK Wrangler by 2.5 inches, this lift kit will remove the factory rake to give your rig an aggressive and leveled stance. The improved ground clearance will also allow you to fit larger diameter tires – up to 35-inches in size – without rubbing the fenders.

Thick Anti-Rust Paint. This Rough Country 2.5 inch lift kit consists of front and rear coil spring spacers and a set of shock relocation brackets. The spacers are brackets are finished with a heavy black powder coat to provide lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

Professional Installation. The Rough Country 2.5 in. Lift Kit w/o Shocks is a complete bolt-on upgrade that requires no welding or cutting. You can expect to complete the job in approximately 4 hours or less using a complete set of hand tools. This kit may require an exhaust spacer upgrade on 2010-2018 Wrangler JKs. This lift kit is applicable to the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK.

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Comments says:

Shop This Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit without Shocks:
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Geography in Action says:

I'm assuming that replacing the front drive-shaft is necessary with an automatic? Also, 17×9 steel wheels are fine with 33s on this? Thank you.

JonGCruz says:

Another video of lift kit missing important information.
1- No mention of Swaybar links replacement for longer ones
2- Nothing about replacing the rear track bar for an adjustable one
3- Nothing about alignment after install
4- Nothing about control arms extender
Etc, etc, etc

jayden watts says:

Will this cause a death wobble?

Nathan ThreeLeaf says:

How would you get coil bind in this scenario? I don't see a good reason why your coils would now touch more than usual. It seems like there would be no change at all to that. Can someone elaborate a bit on that?

Juan Mendoza says:

I put this kit on and a lot of light turned on on my dash

Mario C says:

If I get this budget leveling kit but also want to replace my oem shocks, do you recommend shocks that are the same size of stock shocks or longer ones? Thank you

Thi Lam says:

Can you add new coils afterwards? As long as it’s meant for a 2.5 inch lift? Or do you have to remove the bump stops all together?

Jet fuel says:

That last part was wrong. Don’t keep the original stock front sway bar link, you have to replace the front ones with the rear. I did didnt do that on my 2.5” lift and my front sway bar flip backwards due to the sway bar link being too short.

Ronaldo says:

What if I run 35s but get cut fenders. Would I get enough up travel ?

sid drake says:

chrome sockets used with impacts and I saw a claw hammer!!! holy crap, but good information none the less

reef Gratos says:

Installed this on my unlimited 2016
Mine was done by a garage who specialized in jeep .. they do tons of jeep every day including engine hemi mod and full suspension, differential jobs.. they know their stuff.

After they done the budget boost, i noticed they did not installed any brake line bracket. They told me that the brake line bracket will do more damage…so they said they just gona change the line configuration a little bit to allow more flexibility.. i checked under and based on the dust i did not notice any changes to the brake line route..

I hope the guy who did my jeep know what he was doing.

I hope that it is true, we dont need the brake line bracket.

Kenneth Wang says:

Very nice guide, thanks! I was wondering if it was easy for you guys to pull the springs off without a spring compressor? Also, do I need to get an alignment after the install?

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