Jeep Wrangler Long Arm Install – DIY 3 Link

Jeep Wrangler Long Arm Install – DIY 3 Link

Its time to upgrade my Jeep Wrangler JKUs suspension!!!
Long arms are a great upgrade, and provide a ton of benefits.
I went with a DIY 3 link front and rear kit from 7 Slot Customs. This is a new kit, and i am the first to install it.
It will be available in many options soon, found at
Like i mentioned in the video, 7SC has teamed up with the youtube channel and is offering you guys a permanent 10% off discount code on products using the code JKgear.

Now lets talk about the 3 link long arms..
A 3 link will be a great choice for offroading due to the design. Less binding, due to the single upper link allowing for misalignment.
This bind free design, will translate over to a “softer” on road feel.
If you want a 3 link front and rear, i would strongly suggest running both front and rear sway bars, as well as adjustable shocks or a shock that is valved stiff in design.
In a few videos from now, i will be testing the new long arms offroad, as well as taking the jeep on a cross country trip to attend the Powerstop trail to sema. I will be putting this kit to the test!

As you can tell, the install requires welding, cutting, and a good amount of fabrication skills.
I will say that it goes together very easy, and overall its not much harder than other long arm installs.

If your looking for a well priced kit that performs well, then i would strongly suggest this 7SC kit. Yes it does require some work, but nothing beats the feeling of doing this yourself!

Like always, i hope you enjoyed the video. Please leave a comment and a thumbs up!
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Super affordable pricing, and like always you can save 10% off anything with the code JKgear
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We will be putting the 3 link to the test out west!

Robert Kohut says:

Nice!! Great job!! 🙂

Steve Aronie says:

Do you think if you left the driver side the short arm setup while doing the passenger side upper it would be easier?

Bruce Bruce Burcie says:

I love barnes products. I found them from watching you. Thanks man.

ament55 says:

Awesome video man!!! I watched is a second haha. I have a question though about you lift what is your ride height or basically what was it before you change arms

Jason says:

Do you think this kit would work for a 2dr JK '13 I'm planning on doing like you did the 1 ton swap and the 3 link system but would the rear work the same as yours?

fogstain says:

Smithfield ,va in the hoose

Lonewolf says:

The code doesn't work

Red Rock Crawlers says:

you said bung haha. but seriously great video and looks like it will perform well!

Jaime Willard says:

Great job!! Thx for all the info.

TravFlyer Moto and Airplane channel says:

I’m never going to go this far with my JK, but it’s fascinating to watch. Thanks for making such detailed videos! Far beyond the typical YouTube bolt on. Love your channel.

Shawn Vargas says:

Did you buy your own tubing or was that provided in the kit?

nitroxide91 says:

Bruh… This is a SICK video. Love it.

Bill Porath says:

Don't give in to peer pressure keep the light bar

Chad Dlugopolski says:

get ride of the light bar. Nice work.

William Porath says:

Any thoughts on daily driving with this kit?
I was thinking of having rubber joints in place of the the heims. I drive 100 miles a day

Mike Brown Ohio says:

I'm not a fan of lightbars but with the Flag cover, I like it… So leave it… Have a great day…

Mitchell Ormsby says:

Cool vid dude, good to see a step by step guide! As for the welding, stick welding is more than strong enough for control arms 😉

Steven Whalen says:

Dude a four link is the only way to go. If you break one you are high and dry in the bush!.check out the EVO rear set up.

Todd Rissinger says:

Great video, very informative

John J says:

you need to put raptor spray to keep the rust of it looks bad at this time

Pedro Perez says:

I have a 2018 Jeep Sahara JL with 2” lift kit feels stiff and jumps I like to know what is the problem

Marlon Nicks says:

Very informative Ben!!! Thank you!! It answered a lot of questions I had and gave me things to look out for. And to answer your question about the light bar, Virginia is DARK at night but it’s up to you. I personally am not a fan of them though. I look forward to many more of your videos and meeting up with you.

john Bauman says:

hey great job on your jeep but an fyi you cam absolutely weld your bungs in your links with stick welding. it will be stronger then mig

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