Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 – Starter Replacement DIY

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 – Starter  Replacement DIY

In this video I go full OLD SCHOOL and do a repair on my 1999 Jeep grand Cherokee 4.0 4×4 at HOME. This winter the starter was giving me fits and I could tell it was on it’s way out AND it left me walking one time!! Now that it has warmed up a little it is time to get the job done. Let’s see what i takes to put a starter in this Jeep! -Enjoy!

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South Main Auto Repair says:

*500 Amp Carbon Pile Battery Load Tester 12V Volt Test Alternator Starter NEW:
*Nebo Big Larry black 400 Lumens C-O-B LED Work Light Flashlight (3 AA Batteries Included):

Charles Miller says:

I had to change a freeze plug in a 67 ford van, which was in a basic mud pit, and 30 degrees. And the plug was behind the fly wheel, in Houston around 1975. I was 23. I will NEVER forget that repair. Oh and it was snowing, in Houston, if you can believe it. Did it by myself, while my so called friends stayed inside getting drunk. When your 23 you can do anything.

Kboomarang Finch says:

I'm digging your "Fortress of Solitude" Mr.O !

Steveo Daily says:

If a starter is struggling can the alternator have to supply large currents?
Would you use a customer's starter to loosen a crank pulley bolt?

roy gunter says:

You don't need no stinking electric starter on that "H" Farmall, I started an "M" with a crank when I was 15. You should take that crank and walk around front and show us how a real man starts a farm tractor.

Khai Bui says:

Nice man! Your little hide away from the shop & the misus!

Nitrodr1 says:

Enjoyed the visit. Wish I could have stayed for a drink!

jstow98 f says:

There's your problem lady. Oil all over the starter. LOL

KWHBSN says:

Great video as always, Eric! Thank you.

Love the two bottles of Whiskey on the bench 😉

Pete Medina says:

Gravy job except for it being coated with oil as most are. Cool Iittle tester you have there and nice dog.

Jason Michaels says:

Yuenglings fit in those jeep cupholders perfectly! Love those woods, NYS of mind.

Duncan MacKenzie says:

Nice camp, thanks for the video.


Even under primitive conditions you succeed! This reminded me of when Ivan went to see Relatives, and worked on that Soviet car.

wade hicks says:

Likin that wood heater best kind of heat there are.

Michael Bouley says:

As long as it sounds like a Chrysler starter it is good.

Peter Montagnon says:

Love those old 4ls damn near bullet proof!! I've got to get me an ole grand again. I think putting in a starter in a Peterbilt  is a little easier. LOL

Justin Underwood says:

Any one else see the panda face on the inside of the wood stove?

chad harmon says:

Apparently eric likes to live like the Amish to feel alive when not at work lol

Bekim Krasniqi says:

Wow. Is all that property yours, including the lake? Thats a lot of land

WhitwellMike B says:

Bet Sheba could crank it if she really wanted to.

Jeff Jackson says:

Is that a H or a Super H?

Jeff Jackson says:

Nice Farmall H! Love it!

ncrdisabled Submarine vet says:

Are you an alcoholic I seen at least 2 bottles of whiskey ?

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