Today on JD Cars we’ll be replacing the serpentine belt on our 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport equipped the 3.6L pentastar engine. Routing the new belt can be confusing and there’s definitely a preferred order in which you’ll want to install the new belt. Unbolting the alternator was necessary to install the new belt, but the alternator doesn’t need to be removed completely. Overall not a very difficult job. Save yourself some money and give it a shot at home! I hope you enjoyed the video. Please leave any future video suggestions down below in the comments. Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe for more Jeep content!

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One Jeep Crew says:

Best video on the subject. The alternator was the hardest part. Took me like an hour and a half. Thanks for your information keep it up.

John Newberry says:

Very helpful and to the point. I would add that I used a 1/2 breaker bar and used a wire to tie/hold the breaker bar in the full no tension position (looking from the front of the Jeep: to the left) so I could easily slip the belt over the power steering. I did mine from the top (except releasing tension with the breaker bar) but followed your steps on starting the belt on the crank to A/C etc. THANK YOU!

Camille Ridge says:

This helped so much! Thank you for making this video!! You did a great job at explaining everything.

lala says:

my Jeep getting some burning spell coming from back right side wheel. but It may not be from the wheel itself since smells comes strongly from underneath. someone told me it may be the serpentine belt, could this be the case?

OscarLimaMike says:

was the camera upside down for the reinstall?

Greg says:

Great Video Brother! Just replaced mine and couldn't have been easier. The main point is getting the belt behind the alternator.

Rubi1951 says:

Counterclockwise makes perfect sense, thanks

Josh S. says:

Thanks for the video! What ratchet did you use when removing the alternator bracket bolts? I'm in the market for a reliable power ratchet.

Scott Jones says:

Surprised more people haven’t watched your video this is actually the best video on YouTube for doing the serpentine belt on a jeep JK because you explain where are you start the belt and work counter clockwise back to the power steering pump which is very helpful thank you very much for this video

Max Murphy says:

Hey big man nice video 😉

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