How To Install Sniper EFI BBD for 1971-1986 Jeep CJs

How To Install Sniper EFI BBD for 1971-1986 Jeep CJs

Now you can give that old jeep of yours the drive-ability and performance benefits it deserves, with sniper bbd from Holley. And because I want You to know just how easy it is to get all those benefits and more out of your jeep, I’m going to take you step by step thru the complete install using our cj. It’s 84 cj7 with the original 258ci inline 6, sporting a carter BBD carb. Holley’s sniper bbd kit was designed for use on 1971-1986 jeep cj’s with this engine combo, and although you probably won’t see these numbers from your trusty inline 6, a pair of 100 pound per hour injectors, make sniper bbd more than capable of supporting up to 350 hp naturally aspirated.


Other products used:

HyperSpark Distributor:

Vapor Guard Hose Ends:

Holley 255 LPH EFI Fuel Tank Modules:

Sniper Replacement Fuel Tank:

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Alejandro Guzmán says:

Hi I need help on My Jeep. I bought The Sniper bbd for Jeep. My Jeep have the 2:58 engine 4.2L 1985. Do nota ignore me please. Please comunícate ay I from Puerto Rico.

Clintonio Calla says:

Any issues running the sniper on straight 6s with un even intake manifold lengths. ?

joe cruz says:

$1000 for that ??? Shit , idk about that

Shawn Stoddard says:

Where is the return line run to?

Fast Dad Garage - North & South Chamberlain’s says:

I was really excited, I thought I could use on my 53 Willy’s 4cycl.

JCElzinga says:

I have a nissan patrol g60.. and am a machinist. Do you think i could make an adapter plate and adapt this in?

Lombardo j Robert says:

Wow almost 3 grand to replace a carb that’s worked for over 150,000 miles.

Alejandro Guzmán says:

Hi, Iwant to ride the Holly bbd EFI SNIPER in myJeep,Iask youhave to buy a atank and ignition. My Jeep has a HEI ignition and it has a aHolly gas pump. What it has is carburation problems with the BBDCarter.

Brian Palm says:

So there are 2 pressure regulators in this setup? One as part of the in tank module as described in the part description and also one on the efi itself…does that cause any issues? I thought one of the benefits of the Holley internal tank pump system(as described in the in tank pump spec (part #12-307) was that a return line wasn’t necessary because the return action happened inside the tank with that regulator…and if a return line isn’t necessary, would you just cap off the return side on the efi? Just wondering about effects of 2 regulators…

Steve Zickefoose says:

I have a 1983 that may need the stock MCU replaced, I'm in California will this kit pass california emission inspections

Rafael Torres says:

Will it work on suzuki samurai?

Kevin Beaudreau says:

Agree with the comments concerning the red-headed stepchild. the 87-90 YJs come with the same 4.2L engine, but the gas tank listed in this video doesn't fit (according to Holley when I spoke to them). So while the EFI system "should" work, we are stuck with the external fuel pump. Would love to see Holley put out some parts/videos for the YJ (we really need the help).

Also, what about the old computer and wiring harness? what of that can be removed?

Chris Drews says:

I am looking to put this on my 83 CJ7, I have stainless gas line from tank up frame to fuel pump, is it necessary to eliminate the gas line and run a new one?

john Doe says:

Will this work on 87-90 yj's with the 4.2?

Nioreh says:

I am thinking about getting this for a -75 AMC Pacer with a 258. Apart from my intake being a single barrel, is there anything else I should worry about?

herbiesnerd says:

I want to get this for my 1990 YJ but I have a few concerns.
1) Are you guys working on getting this CARB compliant for California?
2) I plan on keeping my Pulse Tube for CA smog. Do you guys have any instructions on disconnecting pins no longer needed for the MCU?

3) Do you have a cover plate so I can remove the mechanical fuel pump?

Do you carry a 20 gal tank and pickup as well?

Please include our ugly stepchild ‘87-‘90 YJ’s with Carburetors and smog crap.

Wes Senechal says:

Installed the Sniper EFI but my smog tubing is blocking the fuel inlet, which 90 degree fitting should i use in place of the one that came with the kit? Is it part number #98220berl?

Wes Senechal says:

Installed the Sniper EFI but my smog tubing is blocking the fuel inlet, which 90 degree fitting should i use in place of the one that came with the kit? Is it part number #98220berl?

Heather Ball says:

why wont this work for 87-89 258 yj's?

Phil Turpin says:

So what if I didnt want to change the fuel tank that has no internal fuel pump? Would I use an inline?

RCB 411 says:

I have a 68 c10 with 250 inline 6. Would this kit work for my setup or do you have a kit for the Chevy 250

Richard Castillo says:

This is cool, but retains all the exhaust pulse tubing and vacuum lines. I am very happy to get rid of all that rusted out junk….but now comes the smog test…..

Richard Castillo says:

Wow, wish this was available when I did mine…..Nice!

Oliver Silva says:

My Jeep came with 1 barrel, and 2 bolts, do i need to change my manifold intake?

Carter Stokoe says:

Will this setup work on a slant six? Ignition module and all? Not sure what a 4.0 firing order is

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