How to install Emergency Brake Return Spring & Link | 1943-1971 Jeep & Willys

How to install Emergency Brake Return Spring & Link | 1943-1971 Jeep & Willys

How to install Willys Jeep Emergency Brake Return Spring.

43-45 MB
43-45 GPW
46-49 CJ-2A
49-53 CJ-3A
53-64 CJ-3B
55-71 CJ-5
50-52 M38

Amazon Parts: (Affiliate Links)
– 41-53 Drum Brake Overhaul Kit:
– 53-65 Drum Brake Overhaul Kit:
– 1″ Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder:
– 1″ Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit:
– 3/4″ Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder:
– 3/4″ Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit:
– Rear Brake Hose 16″:
– Front Brake Hose 7″:
– Front Brake Hose 12-1/4″:
– 46-47 Frame Brake Line Kit:
– 48-55 Frame Brake Line Kit:
– Pitman Arm:
– Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit:
– Brake Master Cylinder:
– Parking Brake Spring:
– Brake Master Cylinder Washer:

– Mirror:
– Rear View Mirror:
– Transfer Case Shifter Boot:
– Tail Light Assembly, Left:
– Tail Light Assembly, Right:
– Black Hood Catch:
– Windshield Seal, Frame to Cowl:

– Ignition Lock and Cylinder:
– Headlight Switch:
– Ignition Spark Plug Wire Kit:
– Ignition Switch:
– Starter Solenoid:
– Parking or Turn Signal:
– Fuel Gauge:

– Carter WO Carburetor:
– Oil Pump:
– Upper Gasket Set:
– Water Pump:
– Engine Valve Spring, Intake:
– Flywheel Ring Gear:
– KIPA Carburetor:
– Engine Mounts Nut Set:
– Gasket Fuel Sending Unit:
– Starter Bushing:

– Fuel Float:
– Fuel Tank:
– Fuel Tank Anti Squeak Felt Kit:
– Gasket Fuel:

– Steering Knuckle Seal Kit:
– King Pin Bear Shim Kit:
– Spindle Nut Socket:
– Steering Column Bearing:

Transmission/Transfer Case
– Transfer Case Mounting Kit:

– Leaf Spring Bushing:

– Drive Shaft Slip Yoke Felt:
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During the harsh winter months in Canada we decided to take the Willys apart, fix a few parts, and get it back on the road. Then repeat this the next winter. During the winter of 2021 we rebuilt the brakes and basic engine upgrades (spark plugs, water pump, distributor, ignition coil, etc.). THIS winter of 2022 we are tackling to replace the transmission and transfercase but finding lots of other problems deep within the engine. Subscribe to our channel to watch us restore a vintage Jeep and get it back on road!
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