How to Install a Mopar Soft Top on a 2018 and up Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited

How to Install a Mopar Soft Top on a 2018 and up Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited

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Whether you bought your new Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited as a dual top, with both a hard top and soft top, or if you purchase your soft top separately, some assembly and installation is required to get your new top on your Jeep. Rob will show you how easy it is to do along with what tools are necessary to get the job done.

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Suboptimal says:

My JLUR came with a soft top installed, and this video taught me how to completely remove it. Thanks!

gghostrrider says:

I don’t own a Jeep I’m considering one, please excuse me if this is a dumb question. Do the door surrounds for the soft top have to be removed to install the hard top?

Also can I ride with the top up and the windows removed?

Lemnisgate says:

I can’t get my rear window to lock in if both sides for the life of me, it’s infuriating.

Rob Clark says:

You've done an awesome job on this and it helped me greatly this weekend!! Thanks

Ken Takabe says:

Awesome! You should receive funding from FCA for all of the great instructional videos you provide. 🙂

Anthony H says:

What is the sound difference like driving with the new soft top compared to the hard top?

Lorri Thompson says:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I have been freaking out at the thought of getting this installed!! This video makes it easy!! Now I need the weather to cooperate!

William crist says:

I am glad you made this video. when I got my dual tops there were no instructions in the box and I have been trying to figure out how this was going to work.

Lance says:

Informative video, thanks! Would you guys recommend rolling up the side and rear windows to save space, or would that negatively affect the plastic used on it?

eciaccord says:

I’m patiently waiting for this top to be in stock. I literally check your site daily.

Mike Mayer says:

Excellent demonstration. Someone commented below about recommending a gasket between pivot bracket and roll bar. Good idea – I did not think of that when I did it. You could perhaps use black gaffer tape or black electrical tape to make your own gasket. However, I plan on leaving mine bolted to the sport bar even with the hard top, because those brackets make excellent hook-points for bungee cords and stuff when lashing things down in the back. And, they have kind of a cool mechanical "bolt-y" look if that's your thing. For example, I use a bungee cord on the passenger side soft-top bracket and floor loop to hold the driver's side Freedom Top vertically against it. The passenger side Freedom Top rests on the floor of the rear, and I can use a second bungee from one of the left floor loops to the right-side bungee. You can remove and store the Freedom Tops into the rear of the Jeep with a couple bungees in under 2 minutes. And, the rear gate closes no problem if you position the Freedom Top's lips properly. Even did this with cargo/luggage in the back and it was definitely work-able. So, I did not need to use that huge bulky Freedom Top bag (I will in the Summer off-season though). This BTW is for the 4-door Sahara. Might not be able to store the Freedom Tops as easily in the rear cargo area of the 2 door version. Also, discovered there's a nice beefy lip in the forward rollbar piece, i.e., the gray plastic top between the two speakers. This lets you hang stuff like suits and shirts etc. using just a standard clothes hanger. Love this Jeep – it's like a huge erector set!! – The Birdman

John Covacci says:

The one thing that disappoints me is that when the top is down, it looks like so much is going on. There is so much hardware that it does not make the Jeep look good.

Phillip Craggs says:

Could you guys do a up close comparison between the two top materials?

junior dg says:

Show the Sunrider position.

junior dg says:

Can you still roll up the rear window??

midwestiowashooter says:

Once installed can any of it stay if you want to put the hard top back on?

193001 kiplssd says:

Is it the same top that you just grab that latch in The back and it easily comes down? Does the “standard” soft top function the same way as the premium?

Phillip Craggs says:

I can't wait until this becomes available.

I would have liked to have seen some sort of gasket between the pivot bracket and the rollbar, as to not marr the paint.

Great vid guys.

Manuel Rivera says:

This is RedRex1 and like i said it before step by step instructions and installation thanks quadratec, if you buy. QUADRATEC PRODUCTS FOR YOUR JEEP YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY IN THE RIGHT PLACE,FOR MY SELF I CHOOSE QUADRATEC PLANE AND SIMPLE ALWAYS VERY HELPFUL

John Cruz says:

Would this one, the soft top installed in this video, be considered a twill or a sailcloth?

junior dg says:

Ordered mine through you. Says it ships 20th. Hope it’s on track.

Nick Nichols says:

I like the new JL top the JK was a pain in the butt

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