How To Fix And PREVENT Rust on your Jeep

How To Fix And PREVENT Rust on your Jeep

Dont let Rust take over your Jeep!
Its easy to prevent rust, and if you catch it early its easy to fix.
In this video we go over some easy tips and tricks to help prevent rust. We also take a look at how to handle it.
Cassie and i have been doing a JK axle swap on her LJ, and with the rear axle out it was a perfect time to handle some rust forming on the underside of the tub/body.

Undercoating is a good final step for rust prevention. It adds another layer of protection on the underside. It also keeps heat down, as well as noise. I would recommend undercoating you jeep even if it is rust free.

All of this can be found at your local walmart or hardware store, but here is a few amazon links for those that like to order online, and it seems to be the same price or cheaper…
Rust Reformer:
Fluid Film:
WD40 Jug:
Powerwasher Attachment:
Cheaper Powerwasher Attachment:

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Robert Rootz says:

Why can't you use a cheep sandblaster?

Artur Privat says:

Yeaah but thx it helped me very much im new in the hole jeep/Truck thing hehe XD

kurt nulf says:

I just had the Jk undercoated with Woolwax its suppose to be better than Fluid Film less smell and a lot more durable. We will see, And you can apply it right over the rust

jacob powell says:

FYI just for surface rust as well.

jacob powell says:

I sanded, used rust converter called coroseal then repainted frame on my Jeep recently. Check coroseal outnworks well. Has great reviews online

Jacques Johannes Van Zyl says:

Hi everyone. Not related but iv got a serious problem. ‘12 rubicon 3,6. Smoking and drinking oil. Dealer changed valve stem seals a month ago. Car still smoking

The Beaten Paths says:

I buy Fluid Film by the gallon. And their sprayer kit… notch quality.

Blaine Powell says:

I've been using fluid film all over my tj for years. Other than building up alot of dirt sand and grime, it works great

Daniel Kufner says:

How many cans or reformer and undercoating did you go through? Curious because I am about to do a complete prep and undercoat.

SourPatch says:

ASAP lol my floor boards are gone

Johnny D says:

I live in Colorado where there is next to no moisture. I've used that Rustoleum rust reformer multiple times and I can tell you that doesn't work at all. I've also used the Rustoleum Bedliner which is different from what is shown here. Don't use that. It traps moisture and will rust metal under the paint. When you go to replace you'll find rust everywhere.

rosa Hafner says:

Definitely not the right way to deal with rust!

Bill McCall says:

I'm a huge fan of Fluid Film! Watch more videos on it to learn. I had a Ram 1500 that I did a full DIY treatment including into every hole, panel, the tailgate, everywhere. It NEVER rusted. Others of the same year were full of rust bubbles around the wheel wells only 8-9 years later but mine looked showroom new. I just bought a 2020 Rubicon and I'm preparing to give it the same treatment.

EJ says:

Buy Fluid film in the gallon can and a sprayer, way less expensive. Undercoating will trap salt once it gets a nick in it from rocks……..

Mail S says:

I have a 2015 jku and man do I have rust. I live in Minnesota and drive a lot during the winters and have wet summers. I have rust to fix forsure! My body is mostly fine but there is spots on the frame and axles are terrible towards the knuckles. I had cheap Chinese knockoff steel flares that had bad fitment and caused some rust from rubbing/awkward contact with the body and salt getting stuck between/moisture

Alexander Davila says:

Fixing Cassie’s jeep

Chona Araya says:

Hi thank you so much for the fantastic idea how to prevent rust on jeep. I had my Sahara Unlimited 2018 and I noticed some rust. Your video is very helpful. Keep up the good work..

megagustavo1965 says:

How about San Diego? Just bought a gladiator a month ago should I worry?

Johnny Haller says:

Shouldn’t have separate channels imo lol more content in one place, the better

eWreckd'd says:

This is the best channel of its kind on YT! Thanks!

Philly B says:

Connor rice you lost out fair is fair

MCdaddyLONGnuts says:

anyone else see the dogs fighting in the back LOL

Dave Bone says:

In my opinion and experience the very best is Krown liquid rust preventer and it will stop further rusting.

Pitbull Gamer81 says:

Theres something better that all the stuff you mentioned it's called krown it works great you can even take your vehicle to them and they will do it all for you

Niles Jiggy says:

Great video here in the northeast we have salt city in the Winter

Hugh G. Rection says:

Do you have a video on the highline of that LJ? I highlined my TJ and still trying to figure out washer bottle.

Flex-J Steve says:

sandblast the whole bottom then paint it with miracle paint and top coat it with enamel

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