Cheap Jeep Soft Top! How To Install (Plus Review).

Cheap Jeep Soft Top! How To Install (Plus Review).

In this video we install and review an inexpensive soft top from Sierra Offroad. This was for a 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ. The new top included the door skins but we did use the original metal frame. The soft top was well built and I was able to install it alone. Below is a link to Amazon for the Soft Top. Thanks for watching
Sierra Soft Top for 1988 – 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ:
Milwaukee Heat Gun:
Cheap Heat Gun:

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Michael Hughes says:

Hi Gene, first time viewer. Awesome job sir, keep up the good work. Just a word of caution for some of your viewers, stay away from any online vendors offering similar pricing for newer four door Jeep's. I've seen some outfits offering these kits for as little as $369 w/4doors . They are simply not worth the time and effort. Michael in Toronto.

Tom Smith says:

I just bought a 93YJ it didn't come with door frames and it looks like the Sierra top doesn't come with them… It's 99% obvious…But I'm asking for clarification anyway.. This cover doesn't come with frames, correct?

SoggyFries says:

Been using mine for about two years now on my TJ. I run with soft top w/ full doors year round cause I'm too cheap to buy a hardtop. Performs well fit is tight and snug. For $200, its exceeded all my expectations.

john ridenour says:

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to I shall it on the back door. Everythings tight but their is a gap from the bottom on the soft top to my rear hatch

Jose Olea says:

Great video

Bey Forghani says:

Hi Gene: Thank s for the clip. How do you remove the half door frames out first to replace the cover with new ones? thanks.

Myrtle Morrison says:

Just put one on my 94 Sahara.. Not bad at all for and old Jeep. Took me just under 3hrs aswell.. You sold me on this top from your video. Thanks.

Flavius Rotarita says:

Wow nice video

George Krabs says:

Nice work Gene you were so patient It would have taken me a weekend at least

George Neilson says:

Came out good, thanks poor video

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